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the social science that deals with the earth's environment and the human impact on it

physical geography

refers to the natural features found on the earth's surface.

cultural geography

refers to people's impact on the earth's surface or how people have changed the physical environment

lines of latitude

an imaginary line around the earth parallel to the equator

lines of longitude

a line of position extending in a north-south direction generally

absolute location

an exact spot where something is on the earth

relative location

the location of something in relation of another place


the social science that deals with the study of people and events in the past, by telling the story of what happened


the social science that attempts to find out what life was like in the past by examining artifacts left behind by people of another time


the study of events in the order in which they happen


listing of events, show duration "sequence" but do not explain cause and effect


to understand in a way that has been influenced by your past, to judge based on your own backround


information that is based on fact


information that is based on opinion

oral history

events of the past transmitted by word of mouth


Before Christ


After Death

Primary Source

The Primer source of something

Secondary Source

Something you get from someone else

basic problem of economics?

we have unlimited wants and needs but limited resources to satisfy them

basic economic ?'s.

What to Produce?, How to Produce it?, Where to Produce it?


the study of how goods and services are made available to satisfy human wants and needs

primary needs

nec. for survival

secondary needs

nec. for well being


things to survive, but not required


the amount of goods and services that producers offer for sale at various prices at a given time


the amount of goods and services that buyers will purchase, at various prices at a given time


an amount or quantity in excess of what is needed


the condition that occurs when the supply of goods and services that is smaller than the demand for them


a method of trading where by one product is exchanged directly for another


when the general level of prices are rising

opportunity cost

what you give up in order to get something else.


when someone spreads money based on how they were taught


understanding how command economic systems make economic: decisions based on centralized planning


understanding how market systems make economic decisions based on interactions between buyers & sellers

political science

the study of power, politics, and governments


a government in which the people rule directly


a centralized government with complete control by one political party or one person


the strength and influence to take over the government and rule


the legitimate power that is given to an individual or group to make decisions


a feeling of devotion toward national interests, unity and independence


the wealthy (aristos means; virtuous, noblest, finest)


theo means God; rule by a religious group. believed to be granted power by god

direct democracy

government in which the policies are made by officials who are accountable to the people that elected them


no government at all?

totalitarian dictatorship

complete control of the government by one person

totalitarian oligarchy

complete control of government by a few, often seizing power after a revolution

constitutional monarchy

king or queen rules with limitations on power. power is shared with a parliament or congress

absolute monarchy

king or queen rules with complete control independent of representatives of the people


desire to create a policy that never before existed_immediately. Change Now. Violence is Okay.


Support for progress & reforms new ideas and plans. Open to new ideas or not strict in the observance of old ideas. Democratic Party


"Middle of the Road" Combo of both liberal and conservative views.


general opposition to change. Republican Party (G.O.P)


Desire to return to the policies of the past. Change NOW! Violence is okay.


entire way a group of people live and how a society is organized


the study of humans


when people in one culture view people in another culture as "backward" or "not as good as"

Cultural Diffusion

the spread of ideas, objects, goods, etc from one culture to another

Cultural Perspective

the influence a culture has on its members way of viewing other things, people or places

Culture Shock

a reaction to a rapid change or new culture


acceptable behavior of a culture...norms


social laws and rules of a culture


acts that are forbidden in a culture

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