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IPC chapter 13 Test

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  1. type of bond where electrons jump from atom to atom
  2. chemical bond
  3. valence electron
  4. chemical bonding
  5. how to determine the number of valence electrons in an element
  1. a look at the number of electrons in the outer shell
  2. b metallic
  3. c an interaction that holds two atoms together
  4. d the joining of atoms to form new substances
  5. e electron in the outermost shell

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  1. neutral
  2. diatomic
  3. brittleness and high melting/boiling pointing
  4. compounds
  5. negative

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  1. why atoms bondthey want to become octates


  2. what diatomics consist of2 atoms


  3. type of elements that are more likely to lose electronsnonmetals


  4. iona charged particle


  5. bond that involves the transfer of electronsionic


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