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  1. what diatomics consist of
  2. elements that are easy to remove electrons from
  3. properties of crystal lattices
  4. chemical bonding
  5. type of bond where electrons jump from atom to atom
  1. a metals - you don't need a large amount of energy
  2. b 2 atoms
  3. c the joining of atoms to form new substances
  4. d brittleness and high melting/boiling pointing
  5. e metallic

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  1. valence electrons
  2. they want to become octates
  3. covalent
  4. neutral
  5. covalent

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  1. why metallic bonding allows metals to have the properties they dothe electrons are jumping from atom to atom and the properties go with them


  2. bond that involves electrons moving throughout a materialmetallic bond


  3. bond that involves the transfer of electronsionic


  4. valence electroncompounds


  5. type of elements that are more likely to lose electronsmetals


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