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  1. charge left when electrons are gained
  2. chemical bonding
  3. metal to metal bond
  4. bond that involves electrons moving throughout a material
  5. what diatomics consist of
  1. a negative
  2. b 2 atoms
  3. c metallic bond
  4. d metallic
  5. e the joining of atoms to form new substances

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  1. the electrons are jumping from atom to atom and the properties go with them
  2. brittleness and high melting/boiling pointing
  3. metals
  4. electron in the outermost shell
  5. ionic

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  1. type of elements that are more likely to gain electronsnonmetals


  2. bond that makes moleculesionic


  3. makes up mattercompounds


  4. how to determine the number of valence electrons in an elementlook at the number of electrons in the outer shell


  5. chemical bondthe joining of atoms to form new substances


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