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  1. Monasteries
  2. Apostles
  3. Patrick
  4. seven
  5. Angels
  1. a during the council of trent, the number of sacraments was finally set at ___
  2. b the centers of stability, scholarship and learning during the upheaval in the West, which led into the Middle Ages were
  3. c After he became a bishop, he returned to Ireland to preach the Good News through establishment of monasteries
  4. d The Sisters later founded the Academy of Holy _______.
  5. e followers associated most closely with Jesus

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  1. The essential criterion for Christians was and is belief in _____.
  2. The messenger that proclaims the word of God to the world
  3. St. __________ is known as the father of Western monasticism.
  4. Initially, Luther set out to reform rather than break from the ______.
  5. was chosen as bishop by the people before even being baptized

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  1. LutherHe is considered to be the first pope


  2. AmbroseBecame Augustine's mentor


  3. St. PaulFirst but not only Christian martyr


  4. Jeromethe translation of the Bible into Latin was the greatest enduring contribution of ______.


  5. TheodosiusEmperor who made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire; persecuted Pagans


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