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  1. Secularism
  2. Holy Roman Empire
  3. Gregory the Great
  4. God
  5. Rationalism
  1. a Philosophy holding that the universe is regulated by natural laws explainable by science
  2. b Exclusion of religious meaning or considerations for the affairs of human life
  3. c The Nicene Creed states that Jesus is one with _____
  4. d The pope's crowning Charlemagne as Emperor of the Romans signaled the beginning of what?
  5. e The Gregorian Chant was created by

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  1. Initially, Luther set out to reform rather than break from the ______.
  2. Exhausted the Vatican's resources granting aid to the victims of the war, during WWI
  3. This is a book of the teachings of the Catholic church
  4. Movement that held to the theory of evolution
  5. Emperor who made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire; persecuted Pagans

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  1. GregoryIs credited with gathering and establishing the liturgical music tradition of the Western church.


  2. Jesus ChristThe essential criterion for Christians was and is belief in _____.


  3. Heresyduring the council of trent, the number of sacraments was finally set at ___


  4. Bishop Joseph CretinFirst Bishop of the diocese


  5. Apostlesfollowers associated most closely with Jesus


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