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  1. Gregory
  2. Vincent DePaul
  3. Sacrament
  4. Basil
  5. Printing press
  1. a What did John Gutenberg invent?
  2. b began a religious congregation that served the poor and needy by working with them where they lived
  3. c Is credited with gathering and establishing the liturgical music tradition of the Western church.
  4. d Visible, tangible signs of God's love in the world
  5. e Thought that communal life should be simple

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  1. This is a book of the teachings of the Catholic church
  2. Monasteries were places of hopitality and service, but their primary work was seeking God in _____
  3. community of ___________ God's people gathered together to follow in the footsteps of Jesus
  4. Movement that held to the theory of evolution
  5. Initially, Luther set out to reform rather than break from the ______.

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  1. CharitiesThey attempted to follow Jesus by seeking the solitude of the wilderness


  2. ConstantineFirst Christian Emperor, made Christianity legal, used the sign of Christ on his soldier's shields


  3. Karl MarxEconomic theory that proposes production be contolled by the state, first proposed by _______


  4. Antony of EgyptThe Liturgy changed to include more lay participation because we are all part of the __________.


  5. HermitsThey attempted to follow Jesus by seeking the solitude of the wilderness


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