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  1. Capitalism
  2. Constantine
  3. Holy Roman Empire
  4. Herald
  5. Justin
  1. a The messenger that proclaims the word of God to the world
  2. b The pope's crowning Charlemagne as Emperor of the Romans signaled the beginning of what?
  3. c First Christian Emperor, made Christianity legal, used the sign of Christ on his soldier's shields
  4. d Early apologist and martyr
  5. e Economic theory that land, factories, and mines are privately owned for profit; (Karl Marx opposed this theory)

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  1. Visible, tangible signs of God's love in the world
  2. The ____________ brought with it a massive migration of rural people into cities, the exploitation of workers, and an explosive increase in manufacturing and trade
  3. the organizational model of the Church; the formal structure
  4. After __________, the church has been very active with movements outside of Catholicism in the modern world
  5. Is credited with gathering and establishing the liturgical music tradition of the Western church.

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  1. PatrickThis office rose in stature under Pope Leo I


  2. Hennepinnamed St. Anthony Falls and ministered to many Native americans and settlers


  3. AnglicansThe Sisters later founded the Academy of Holy _______.


  4. AngelsHe is considered to be the first pope


  5. Printing presscommunity of ___________ God's people gathered together to follow in the footsteps of Jesus


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