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  1. gusto
  2. Genuine
  3. grimace
  4. gruff
  5. genuflect
  1. a bend the knee to show worship
  2. b hearty enjoyment
  3. c hoarse
  4. d actully being, what it seems, or is claimed to be
  5. e ugly or funny smile

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  1. polite
  2. wooden frames used for hanging criminals
  3. very strong wind
  4. glaring
  5. odd

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  1. genialactully being, what it seems, or is claimed to be


  2. gamutwhole range of anything


  3. gluttenperson who has not had enough of something


  4. ggalvanizepromise to replace or repair a purchased product or return money paid


  5. gibberishglaring


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