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  1. bolster
  2. bombastic
  3. meticulous
  4. rescind
  5. tenuous
  1. a (adj) characterized by extreme care and precision; attentive to detail
  2. b (verb) to invalidate; to repeal; to retract
  3. c (adj) having little substance or strength; flimsy; weak
  4. d (verb) to provide support or reinforcement
  5. e (adj) pompous; grandiloquent

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  1. (adj) exceeding what is sufficient or necessary
  2. (adjective) controversial; argumentative
  3. (adj) fleeting; passing quickly; brief
  4. (verb) to obstruct or block
  5. (verb) to combine several elements into a whole

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  1. mendacity(adj) characteristic of or often found in a particular locality, region, or people


  2. aver(noun) keen, accurate judgment or insight


  3. queries(noun) questions; inquiries; doubts in mind; reservations


  4. loquacious(adj) seeming true, but actually being fallacious; misleadingly attractive; plausible but false


  5. pine(verb) to yearn intensely; to languish; to lose vigor


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