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  1. repudiate
  2. germane
  3. implacable
  4. impunity
  5. fortuitous
  1. a (noun) immunity from punishment or penalty
  2. b (verb) to refuse to have anything to do with; to disown
  3. c (adj) not capable of being appeased or significantly changed
  4. d (adj) relevant to the subject at hand; appropriate in subject matter
  5. e (adj) happening by accident or chance

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  1. (adj) given or coming forth abundantly; extravagant
  2. (verb) to appease; to calm by making concessions
  3. (noun) a court order requiring appearance and/or testimony
  4. (adj) having the tendency to permeate or spread throughout
  5. (noun) a long and extremely critical speech; a harsh denunciation

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  1. malleable(adj) not capable of being appeased or significantly changed


  2. malevolent(adj) marked by feeling, or expressing a feeling of profound awe & respect


  3. opprobrium(noun) devotion to pleasurable pursuits, esp. to the pleasures of the senses


  4. obdurate(adj) unyielding; hardhearted; intractable


  5. archaic(adj) outdated; associated with an earlier, perhaps more primitive, time


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