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  1. life history approach
  2. adrenarche
  3. exocrine glands
  4. emulation
  5. optimal forager
  1. a hormones from adrenal glands that helps shape the brain
  2. b secrete substances into ducts that empty into body cavities or onto surfaces
  3. c one that forages in way that maximizes its net energy gain
  4. d model of how individuals allocate resources (energy&effort) over lifetimes to maximize reproductive success
  5. e adopt goal/intention without copying precise motor pattern

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  1. monthly probability of conception
  2. adopt goal/intention and copy precise motor pattern
  3. sex that invests more effort& more resources in offspring is the limiting resource for the reproduction of the less investing sex-object of competition
  4. net difference b/w energy intake and energy expenditure
  5. genes that are beneficial early in life can have adverse affect later in life

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  1. innovationadopt goal/intention without copying precise motor pattern


  2. senescencedeterioration of body function as we grow older


  3. ratchet effect hypothesismenopause evolved to switch women from investing in offspring production to investing in their grandchildren


  4. adolescent subfecunditycapacity to bear offspring


  5. focal animal samplingmore than 1 observer collects data at same time


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