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  1. fertility
  2. antagonistic pleiotropy
  3. exocrine glands
  4. auxology
  5. grandmother hypothesis
  1. a science of human growth and development
  2. b secrete substances into ducts that empty into body cavities or onto surfaces
  3. c genes that are beneficial early in life can have adverse affect later in life
  4. d successful reproduction b/c you had children
  5. e menopause evolved to switch women from investing in offspring production to investing in their grandchildren

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  1. study of reproductive functioning as an interaction b/w an organism and it's environment
  2. monthly probability of conception
  3. net difference b/w energy intake and energy expenditure
  4. model of how individuals allocate resources (energy&effort) over lifetimes to maximize reproductive success
  5. 55-85% menstrual cycles during first 2 years are anovulatory

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  1. parallel testingadopt goal/intention and copy precise motor pattern


  2. focal animal samplingoccurrences of actions of 1 individual are recorded during a predetermined sample period


  3. optimal foragerone that forages in way that maximizes its net energy gain


  4. fecunditysuccessful reproduction b/c you had children


  5. true imitationadopt goal/intention without copying precise motor pattern


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