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  1. The adult-ish form of the eleventh Doctor's initial companion
  2. A Silurian held captive
  3. What are the creepy robot things the Doctor encounters in The Beast Below(hint: they go from happy to mad to MADDER)?
  4. A fictional race of robot-aliens that the Doctor and Amy battle in England during WWII
  5. A creepy man who can influence your dreams--He appeared in Amy's Choice, in which Amy had to choose between Rory and the Doctor.
  6. Who is the very model of a Gallifreyan buccaneer?

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  1. RoryWho dies at the end of Cold Blood?


  2. Amelia PondThe adult-ish form of the eleventh Doctor's initial companion


  3. The DoctorWho is a time-traveling timelord from Gallifrey?


  4. RoryIn Amy's choice, who did Amy choose?`


  5. Star WhaleWhat is the creature that helps guide Starship UK?


  6. Prisoner ZeroWho marries the Doctor at the end of season six?


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