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  1. Who marries the Doctor at the end of season six?
  2. A fictional race of reptilian humanoid creatures that were pretty annoyed by the big drill in The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood
  3. What are the creepy robot things the Doctor encounters in The Beast Below(hint: they go from happy to mad to MADDER)?
  4. A fictional race of prison-guards that look like an eyeball....they first appear in episode one of season five
  5. A creepy man who can influence your dreams--He appeared in Amy's Choice, in which Amy had to choose between Rory and the Doctor.
  6. Who is a time-traveling timelord from Gallifrey?

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  1. RoryWho dies at the end of Cold Blood?


  2. Amelia PondWho is the child form of the eleventh Doctor's initial companion?


  3. DaleksA Silurian held captive


  4. Prisoner ZeroThis is the escaped prisoner that the Atraxi are looking for in The Eleventh Hour


  5. Star WhaleWhat is the creature that helps guide Starship UK?


  6. Rory WilliamsWho is Amy Pond's boyfriend/fiance/husband who travels with her and The Doctor?


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