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  1. fawn
  2. neophyte
  3. intractable
  4. contiguous
  5. credulous
  1. a (noun) a recent convert; a beginner; novice
  2. b (adj) tending to believe too readily; gullible
  3. c (adj) sharing a border; touching; adjacent
  4. d (adj) not easily managed or directed; stubborn; obstinate
  5. e (verb) to flatter or praise excessively

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  1. (adj) using few words; terse
  2. (adj) hastily or rashly energetic; impulsive and vehement
  3. (adj) characterized by or given to pretentious display; showy
  4. (verb) to calm or soothe; to reduce in emotional intensity
  5. (adj) pointlessly talkative; talking too much

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  1. desiccate(verb) to slight or belittle


  2. derision(noun) scorn, ridicule, contemptuous treatment


  3. aggrandize(adj) agreeable; responsive to suggestion


  4. anachronism(noun) something or someone out of place in terms of historical or chronological context


  5. imminent(adj) about to happen; impending


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