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  1. Where are the Amygdala and the Hippocampus located?
  2. What are the language areas in the brain?
  3. Broca's area
  4. what is a spinal reflex?
  5. Preganlionic neuron
  1. a Broca's are and Wernicke's area
  2. b afferent information converts to a efferent information without the brain
  3. c sends the information to the ganglion by the axon
  4. d in frontal lobe, damage results in slow or lost speech, individual will still be able to read and understand language
  5. e The cerebrum in the forebrain

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  1. Involved in learning and memory
  2. Sympathetic: noradrenic
    Parasympathetic: mostly cholinergic
  3. Condition where a person is aware of the stimulus but he or she cannot identify it
  4. In temporal lobe, involved with making sense or sensory aspect of the language, damage results in inability to speak sensibly, written or spoken language is not understood
  5. Nicotrinic, Muscarinic receptor

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  1. Primary motor cortexIn front of the central sulcus, a strip of the frontal lobe cortex, the distribution of motor neurons reflects the degree of motor control


  2. Involuntary or Autonomic Division (Efferent)Afferent neurons, Efferent neurons, Interneurons


  3. Pre-synaptic membraneModified part of the muscle cell plasma membrane called a motor end plate


  4. Accomodationa process where eyes make changes to maintain a clear image on an object as it moves


  5. ChoroidAnterior portion of the clear, transparent, admits light


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