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  1. Cornea
  2. Parts of a spinal reflex
  3. Sclera
  4. Functions of the spinal cord
  5. Retina
  1. a Anterior portion of the clear, transparent, admits light
  2. b Conducts information between brain and organs,
    Integrates information coming from the peripheral nervous system,
    Responds by issuing motor commands
  3. c neurons and photoreceptors, receive image and convert it to a neuronal signal
  4. d Outer covering, holds eye together, tough, connective tissue, the "white of the eye"
  5. e 1. Stretch receptor goes to the sensory neuron to the motor neuron to the muscle 2. Sensory muscle goes to the interneuron to the motor neuron to a muscle cell

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  1. The cerebrum in the forebrain
  2. ventral horn (efferent neurons)
  3. Least changes among different vertebrates; deals with visual and auditory relay
  4. chemical synapse between motor neurons and skeletal muscle cells
  5. The cranial and sacral region

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  1. synaptic cleftBetween the presynaptic and post synaptic membrane


  2. Lensfocuses the light


  3. What does the autonomic nervous system do?It maintains the steady state of the internal environment, sympathetic and parasympathetic are opposite in function


  4. Dendrites Function (N.N.)Carries the information to the cell body


  5. Where is white matter located in the cerebrum?Inside, under the Cerebral Cortex


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