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Nervous System Test

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  1. Left and right hemispheres receive most sensory information from which side of the body?
  2. Electrical synapse
  3. Cerebrum
  4. Pons
  5. Where is grey matter located in the cerebrum?
  1. a the opposide side of the body
  2. b Involved in learning and memory
  3. c fast and direct, cells touch, opening in between
  4. d the bridge, the link between the cerebrum and the cerebellum
  5. e Outside, Cerebral Cortex

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  1. Least changes among different vertebrates; deals with visual and auditory relay
  2. Axons that conduct information up and down the spinal cord
  3. Acetylcholine, Dopamine,Serotonin, GABA ,Glutamate, Glycine
  4. ciliary muscles relax, lens becomes flatter
  5. Outer covering, holds eye together, tough, connective tissue, the "white of the eye"

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  1. Neural Networks of NeuronsAfferent neurons, Efferent neurons, Interneurons


  2. HypothalamusPart of the limbic system that deals with fear and memory


  3. Cnidarianspigmented, adjusts the amount of light into the eye (colored part of the eye)


  4. What is Comatose?When someone is in a coma


  5. Primary motor cortexIntegrates sensory information from various parts of the body, Somatosensory cortex is right behind the central sulcus


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