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  1. Retina
  2. Parietal Lobe
  3. Forebrain is composed of?
  4. Chemical synapse
  5. Angular gyrus
  1. a Integrates sensory information from various parts of the body, Somatosensory cortex is right behind the central sulcus
  2. b In parietal lobe, necessary for integrating written and spoken language
  3. c Diencephalon, Telencephalon
  4. d neurons and photoreceptors, receive image and convert it to a neuronal signal
  5. e more common, chemicals involves such as neurotransmitters

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  1. Outside, Cerebral Cortex
  2. Controls physiological features
  3. Carries commands to the effectors which are the muscles and glands
  4. Part of the limbic system that essential for transfer of short-term memory to long-term memory
  5. Broca's are and Wernicke's area

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  1. Anatomy of the spinal cordafferent information converts to a efferent information without the brain


  2. Accomodationa process where eyes make changes to maintain a clear image on an object as it moves


  3. Nervous System: Two Main CellsSimple network of neurons


  4. Two receptors a neurotransmitter can bond toNicotrinic, Muscarinic receptor


  5. What is white matter?afferent information converts to a efferent information without the brain


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