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  1. Sclera
  2. What makes up the Mammalian Nervous System?
  3. synaptic cleft
  4. What does the dorsal root connect to?
  5. Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan)
  1. a dorsal horn (afferent neurons)
  2. b Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System
  3. c how various areas were discovered (passively viewing words, listening to words, speaking words, generating words)
  4. d Outer covering, holds eye together, tough, connective tissue, the "white of the eye"
  5. e Between the presynaptic and post synaptic membrane

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  1. Carries commands to the effectors which are the muscles and glands
  2. The cranial and sacral region
  3. Most complex, largest pair of ganglia
  4. Convex lenses
  5. involved in control of physiological functions such as breathing and swallowing

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  1. Reticular SystemFirst to have nerve net


  2. CnidariansFirst to have nerve net


  3. Broca's areaPart of the limbic system that deals with fear and memory


  4. Hindbrain develops into?Contains brain and spinal cord


  5. Definition of Cerebrumthe sight of intelligence, learning, and judgement


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