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Nervous System Test

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  1. Pupil
  2. Parts of a spinal reflex
  3. How do ciliary muscle react to near sight vision?
  4. What does gray matter contain?
  5. Dendrites Function (N.N.)
  1. a Carries the information to the cell body
  2. b a space where the light enters
  3. c 1. Stretch receptor goes to the sensory neuron to the motor neuron to the muscle 2. Sensory muscle goes to the interneuron to the motor neuron to a muscle cell
  4. d Cell bodies of spinal neurons
  5. e ciliary muscles contract, lens becomes rounder

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  1. Convex lenses
  2. Gray matter, white matter, spinal nerves
  3. Receives and processes auditory information, Face recognition, understanding spoken language, If damaged, develops agnosia
  4. becomes transparent
  5. If damage occurs below the reticular system

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  1. Pre-synaptic membranePart of the cell membrane of an axon terminal that faces the cell membrane of the neuron or muscle fiber w/ which the axon terminal establishes a synapse


  2. CnidariansFirst to have nerve net


  3. Preganlionic neuronCarries commands to the effectors which are the muscles and glands


  4. Anterior portion of Choroid consists of?Hindbrain, Midbrain, Forebrain,


  5. synaptic clefta space where the light enters


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