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  1. Interneurons
  2. Rest of the dorsal hollow neural tube forms ?
  3. Peripheral Nervous System
  4. What is the term given for "ridges" for grey matter?
  5. Where do sympathetic divisions originate from?
  1. a Contains cranial and spinal nerves
  2. b Communicates between neurons
  3. c Spinal Cord
  4. d The thoraic and lumbar region
  5. e gyri

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  1. In temporal lobe, involved with making sense or sensory aspect of the language, damage results in inability to speak sensibly, written or spoken language is not understood
  2. Modified part of the muscle cell plasma membrane called a motor end plate
  3. Sympathetic: cholinergic
    Parasympathetic: cholinergic
  4. iris, lens, ciliary muscle, suspensory ligaments
  5. sulcus

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  1. Hindbrain develops into?excitatory, depolarizes plasma membrane


  2. Where is white matter located in the cerebrum?Inside, under the Cerebral Cortex


  3. What does the ventral root connect to?dorsal horn (afferent neurons)


  4. Process of speaking a written wordGray matter, white matter, spinal nerves


  5. Learninghas photoreceptors and neuronal cells to receive images and convert it to a neuronal signal


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