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  1. martyred in rome and eaten by lions
  2. 180 A.D
  3. 7 extant letters
  4. Ordained a bishop by St. Peter
  1. a ignatius of antioch
  2. b Irenaeus of Lyons
  3. c Ignatius of Antioch
  4. d Clement of Rome

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  1. clement of rome
  2. Clement of Rome
  3. cyprian
  4. cyprian
  5. Clement of Rome

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  1. departs from the usual greeting when writing to the church of romecyprian


  2. friend of PolycarpClement of Rome


  3. Against the HeresiesIrenaeus of Lyons


  4. disagreed with the bishop of romecyprian


  5. ordained a bishop by PolycarpClement of Rome


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