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  1. saturnine
  2. imperious
  3. asperity
  4. corroborate
  5. obloquy
  1. a n: harshness, sharpness, acerbity, sarcasm, severity
  2. b adj: bossy, arrogant, commanding, dictatorial, overbearing
  3. c n: abuse, blame, criticism, defamation, denigration, insult, slander
  4. d adj: gloomy, melancholy, depressed, dark, miserable, despondent, dispirited, moody
  5. e v: to confirm, to back up, to support, to testify to

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  1. n: persistence, perseverance, stubbornness, obduracy, obstinacy, tirelessness
  2. adj: cooperative, persuadable, manageable, compliant, obedient
  3. n: a person's nickname
  4. v: to remove the moisture from something, usually to preserve it
  5. n: a falsity, usually a derogatory story/report/rumor

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  1. parvenun: a person who has gained a greater wealth/importance but has not acquired the appropriate manners/dress/surroundings, a social climber who lacks sophistication/class


  2. sangfroidn: composure, coolness of mind, calmness, self-control


  3. tortuousadj: twisting, turning, hard to follow, complicated, complex


  4. diffidentadj: shy, bashful, insecure, hesitant, self-concious, reticent, timid


  5. iridescentadj: sparkling, shimmering, showing luminous colors that seem to change from different angles


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