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  1. calcaneus
  2. patella
  3. humerus
  4. phalanges
  5. femur
  1. a heel bone in foot
  2. b digets (fingers and toes)
  3. c large bone of upper leg
  4. d knee cap
  5. e bone of upper arm, attaches superiorly to shoulder

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  1. palm
  2. (in anatomical position) lateral bone of forearm (has a bigger bottom/ process)
  3. inner portion of hip bone, where left and right hip meet medially
  4. medial and large bone of lower leg
  5. top portion of hip bone (the "wings)

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  1. carpalsankle bones


  2. ischium"sits bone" bottom of hip bone


  3. fibulamedial and large bone of lower leg


  4. metatarsalsform the soles of feet


  5. scapulashoulder blade


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