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  1. pitch letter
  2. Government/Regulatory Movement
  3. Pure Accommodation
  4. Power of female consumers
  5. Involvement of Public Opinion Leaders
  1. a women make 80% of household purchase decisions and use social networks and corporate websites to form opinions about products
  2. b the organization agrees with its critics, changes its policies, makes restitution and even makes a full public apology
  3. c a short letter or note to the editor that tries to grab their attention (texts, emails, tweets)
  4. d Step 2 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion- media coverage puts issue on public agenda, discuss issue and determine if symbolic of larger broader issues
  5. e Step 4 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion-Public consensus builds toward a resolution; demand grows for government to act

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  1. start with most important 5 W's
  2. mass media have minimal influence on electoral choices
  3. born between '65-'81
  4. 1) Demand high value from purchases
    2) Ignore Fads
    3) Voters-vote in greater #s than their juniors and are more intense readers of newspapers and magazines
    4) health conscious out of self-interest, and want to know about medical developments
  5. elected officials, presidents of companies, or heads of membership groups

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  1. reputation managementreputation is the track record of an organization in the in the public's mind


  2. FCC (Federal Communications Commission)ensuring that the public airwaves are used in the public interest, tv, radio, internet


  3. Five steps in preparing for media interviewsBasic News Release
    New feature about the product or service
    fact sheets
    bios on the spokesperson or chief
    basic brochure
    contact information


  4. Familiarization Tripa low cost trip or tour offered to travel agents by a supplier or group of suppliers to familiarize the agents with their destination and services


  5. News releasespeople did not think WikiLeak should be taken down. Believed public should know no matter how it makes the government look


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