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  1. Pure Accommodation
  2. Five steps in preparing for media interviews
  3. Issues Management
  4. trademark
  5. What does an E-Kit contain?
  1. a a word, symbol, or slogan used singly or in combination, that identifies a product's origin. Also, serves as an indication of quality
  2. b short videos
    news release
    fact sheet
    trademark info
    thumbnail sketches
    high res photos
    industry links
    executive officer photos
  3. c the organization agrees with its critics, changes its policies, makes restitution and even makes a full public apology
  4. d a proactive and systematic approach to 1) predict problems 2) anticipate threats 3) minimize surprises 4) resolve issues 5) prevent crises
  5. e 1) PR practitioner must help interviewee say something that will inform or entertain the audience
    2) know interview's purpose to assemble facts and data for client to use
    3) know background of the media outlet (print/broadcast/web)
    4) Be well acquainted with the interviewer's style
    5) use "bridging" techniques to answer questions and shift focus to areas beneficial to promoting the message

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  1. determine that advertisements are not deceptive or misleading
  2. creator of Obama's "Hope" poster
  3. a part of media kits, overview of the product, organization, or event
  4. dissemination of information to mass media such as newspapers, broadcasts, and stations and magazines, created by Ivy Lee
  5. Christopher Reeves ex. - a series of pre baked, one-on one, interviews from a fixed location (usually a television studio) via satellite with a series of television journalists or talk show host

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  1. copyrightprotection of a creative work from unauthorized use


  2. agenda settinglibel-a written falsehood and slander as spoken falsehood both called defamation by the courts


  3. Crisis Managementreputation is the track record of an organization in the in the public's mind


  4. Involvement of Public Opinion Leaders1) Definition of Issue
    2) Involvement of Opinion Leaders
    3) Public Awareness
    4) Government/Regulatory Movement
    5) Resolution


  5. VNR-video news releaseStep 3 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion- As it grows, issue becomes matter of public debate and gets extensive media coverage


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