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  1. reputation management
  2. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
  3. Babyboomers
  4. Inverted pyramid (in news release)
  5. two-step flow
  1. a closely monitors the financial affairs of publicly traded companies and protects the interests of stockholders
  2. b start with most important 5 W's
  3. c mass media have minimal influence on electoral choices
  4. d born between '46 and '64
  5. e reputation is the track record of an organization in the in the public's mind

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  1. a result of the Enron and WorldCom financial scandals set new or enhanced standards for all US public company boards, management and public accenting firms
  2. usually prepared for major events and new product launches. gives editors and reporters a variety of information and resources:
  3. Basic News Release
    New feature about the product or service
    fact sheets
    bios on the spokesperson or chief
    basic brochure
    contact information
  4. Born between 1982 and 1999. "want high pay status but aren't willing to work for it" not as worried about societal ills as once thought. more high maintenance
  5. include the 24/7 efforts to attune to the needs of publics such as disaster victims, employees, government officials, and the media

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  1. Definition of IssueStep 1 of Life Cycle of public opinion- activists raise issues via mass media and hold rallies or demonstrations


  2. Formal Opinion Leadershaving bad meat, there was an undercover investigation by Fox media who are being sued for false papers only not defamation


  3. fair commenta part of media kits, overview of the product, organization, or event


  4. agenda settingthrough the selection of stories and headlines, tell the public what to think about, although not necessarily what to think


  5. What are the factors associated with source credibility?Ethos
    expertise, sincerity, charisma
    Problems with Celebrities


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