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  1. triggering effect
  2. fair use
  3. two-step flow
  4. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
  5. Crisis Communication Steps
  1. a mass media have minimal influence on electoral choices
  2. b an event being the catalyst for people to engage with others about a shared interest, events that cause ppl to act on their latent willingness to behave a certain way
  3. c closely monitors the financial affairs of publicly traded companies and protects the interests of stockholders
  4. d educational use as long as using small part of book, movie, etc
  5. e 1) Be accessible
    2) Put the public first
    3) Designate a single spokesperson
    4) Be familiar with media needs and deadline
    5) Monitor News coverage and telephone inquiries
    6) Provide a constant flow of information
    7) Be honest
    8) NEVER say "No comment"
    9) Set up a central information center
    10) Communicate with key publics
    11) Take responsibility for solving the problem

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  1. through the selection of stories and headlines, tell the public what to think about, although not necessarily what to think
  2. Born after 1990, children, teens, and college students influence their parents' buying decisions, major consumers of digital media
  3. examples: ate reese's pieces; castaway/ fedex; harold and kumar/ white castle; law and order writing an issue or cause into story line
  4. those who have clout with peers because of some special characteristic
  5. creator of Obama's "Hope" poster

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  1. Public Awareness1) Attack the Consumer
    2) Denial
    3) Excuse
    4) Justification
    5) Corrective Action
    6) Full Apology For Always Choose


  2. Issues Management1) Attack the Consumer
    2) Denial
    3) Excuse
    4) Justification
    5) Corrective Action
    6) Full Apology For Always Choose


  3. Foundations of Reputation Management1) economic performance
    2) social responsibilities
    3) ability to deliver valuable outcomes to stockholders


  4. Government/Regulatory MovementStep 4 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion-Public consensus builds toward a resolution; demand grows for government to act


  5. copyrightprotection of a creative work from unauthorized use


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