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  1. Familiarization Trip
  2. defamation
  3. Foundations of Reputation Management
  4. reputation management
  5. What does an E-Kit contain?
  1. a reputation is the track record of an organization in the in the public's mind
  2. b a low cost trip or tour offered to travel agents by a supplier or group of suppliers to familiarize the agents with their destination and services
  3. c short videos
    news release
    fact sheet
    trademark info
    thumbnail sketches
    high res photos
    industry links
    executive officer photos
  4. d 1) economic performance
    2) social responsibilities
    3) ability to deliver valuable outcomes to stockholders
  5. e libel-a written falsehood and slander as spoken falsehood both called defamation by the courts

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  1. public has the right to know over the embarrassment of the company
  2. Doctor Dang was being investigated for potentially misusing federal grant money. MUSC wanted to distance itself from Dang. Used justification and denial.
  3. how selected certain facts, themes, treatments, and even words to "frame" a story
  4. a picture of the head and shoulders of a person's body you send to newspapers-small so it fits and most personal part of the body is the face-used to promote ppl
  5. Born between 1982 and 1999. "want high pay status but aren't willing to work for it" not as worried about societal ills as once thought. more high maintenance

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  1. Generation Yborn between '65-'81


  2. copyrightprotection of a creative work from unauthorized use


  3. Power of female consumerswomen make 80% of household purchase decisions and use social networks and corporate websites to form opinions about products


  4. FCC (Federal Communications Commission)1) Be accessible
    2) Put the public first
    3) Designate a single spokesperson
    4) Be familiar with media needs and deadline
    5) Monitor News coverage and telephone inquiries
    6) Provide a constant flow of information
    7) Be honest
    8) NEVER say "No comment"
    9) Set up a central information center
    10) Communicate with key publics
    11) Take responsibility for solving the problem


  5. 4 persuasive message techniques1) clarity of message
    2) timing and context
    3) audience participation
    4) suggestions for action


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