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  1. triggering effect
  2. Five steps in preparing for media interviews
  3. Resolution
  4. Generation Y
  5. WikiLeaks
  1. a Born after 1990, children, teens, and college students influence their parents' buying decisions, major consumers of digital media
  2. b people did not think WikiLeak should be taken down. Believed public should know no matter how it makes the government look
  3. c 1) PR practitioner must help interviewee say something that will inform or entertain the audience
    2) know interview's purpose to assemble facts and data for client to use
    3) know background of the media outlet (print/broadcast/web)
    4) Be well acquainted with the interviewer's style
    5) use "bridging" techniques to answer questions and shift focus to areas beneficial to promoting the message
  4. d Step 5 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion- ppl w/ authority (elected official) draft legislation or use existing rules to make a statement. Decisions are made to compromise or not; if people remain unhappy, cycle can repeat
  5. e an event being the catalyst for people to engage with others about a shared interest, events that cause ppl to act on their latent willingness to behave a certain way

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  1. a part of media kits, overview of the product, organization, or event
  2. determine that advertisements are not deceptive or misleading
  3. born between '46 and '64
  4. 1) Hispanics-14.5% by 2050
    2) LGBT-brand royalty
    3) women- social networking, and new media channels
    4) disability- requires sensitivity, visuals, and television
  5. 1) proactive-issues management
    2) strategic-risk communication, conflict management
    3) reactive- crisis communication, conflict resolution
    4) recovery-reputation management, image restoration

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  1. Familiarization Tripa low cost trip or tour offered to travel agents by a supplier or group of suppliers to familiarize the agents with their destination and services


  2. fair commenteducational use as long as using small part of book, movie, etc


  3. Crisis Communicationinclude the 24/7 efforts to attune to the needs of publics such as disaster victims, employees, government officials, and the media


  4. Government/Regulatory MovementStep 4 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion-Public consensus builds toward a resolution; demand grows for government to act


  5. Definition of Issueborn between '65-'81


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