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Public Relations Practices- CofC Test 2 Test

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  1. What does a Traditional media kit contain?
  2. defamation
  3. reputation management
  4. News releases
  5. Contingency Continuum
  1. a dissemination of information to mass media such as newspapers, broadcasts, and stations and magazines, created by Ivy Lee
  2. b list of possible variables, that influence an organization's response is helpful in understanding inputs into the complex decision-making process
  3. c Basic News Release
    New feature about the product or service
    fact sheets
    bios on the spokesperson or chief
    basic brochure
    contact information
  4. d reputation is the track record of an organization in the in the public's mind
  5. e libel-a written falsehood and slander as spoken falsehood both called defamation by the courts

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  1. an event being the catalyst for people to engage with others about a shared interest, events that cause ppl to act on their latent willingness to behave a certain way
  2. 1) Be accessible
    2) Put the public first
    3) Designate a single spokesperson
    4) Be familiar with media needs and deadline
    5) Monitor News coverage and telephone inquiries
    6) Provide a constant flow of information
    7) Be honest
    8) NEVER say "No comment"
    9) Set up a central information center
    10) Communicate with key publics
    11) Take responsibility for solving the problem
  3. include the 24/7 efforts to attune to the needs of publics such as disaster victims, employees, government officials, and the media
  4. women make 80% of household purchase decisions and use social networks and corporate websites to form opinions about products
  5. having bad meat, there was an undercover investigation by Fox media who are being sued for false papers only not defamation

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  1. fair usepublic has the right to know over the embarrassment of the company


  2. Generation YStep 5 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion- ppl w/ authority (elected official) draft legislation or use existing rules to make a statement. Decisions are made to compromise or not; if people remain unhappy, cycle can repeat


  3. Definition of Issuelibel-a written falsehood and slander as spoken falsehood both called defamation by the courts


  4. PSApublic service announcement


  5. agenda settingusually prepared for major events and new product launches. gives editors and reporters a variety of information and resources:


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