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  1. Contingency Continuum
  2. Formal Opinion Leaders
  3. trademark
  4. Five steps in preparing for media interviews
  5. Generation X
  1. a elected officials, presidents of companies, or heads of membership groups
  2. b list of possible variables, that influence an organization's response is helpful in understanding inputs into the complex decision-making process
  3. c a word, symbol, or slogan used singly or in combination, that identifies a product's origin. Also, serves as an indication of quality
  4. d born between '65-'81
  5. e 1) PR practitioner must help interviewee say something that will inform or entertain the audience
    2) know interview's purpose to assemble facts and data for client to use
    3) know background of the media outlet (print/broadcast/web)
    4) Be well acquainted with the interviewer's style
    5) use "bridging" techniques to answer questions and shift focus to areas beneficial to promoting the message

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  1. Step 3 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion- As it grows, issue becomes matter of public debate and gets extensive media coverage
  2. 1) Highly interested in a subject or issue
    2) Better informed on an issue than the average person
    3) avid consumers of mass media
    4) early adopters of new ideas
    5) good organizers who can get other ppl to take action
  3. having bad meat, there was an undercover investigation by Fox media who are being sued for false papers only not defamation
  4. educational use as long as using small part of book, movie, etc
  5. Christopher Reeves ex. - a series of pre baked, one-on one, interviews from a fixed location (usually a television studio) via satellite with a series of television journalists or talk show host

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  1. triggering effect1) Attack the Consumer
    2) Denial
    3) Excuse
    4) Justification
    5) Corrective Action
    6) Full Apology For Always Choose


  2. media kiteducational use as long as using small part of book, movie, etc


  3. FTC(Federal Trade Commission)ensuring that the public airwaves are used in the public interest, tv, radio, internet


  4. 5 Key Characteristics of Senior Market1) Risk voluntarily taken tend to be accepted (example: smoking vs flying)
    2) the more complex a situation, the higher the perception of risk
    3) familiarity breeds confidence
    4) perception of risk increases when the messages of experts conflict
    5) the severity of consequences affects risk perceptions


  5. Foundations of Reputation Management1) economic performance
    2) social responsibilities
    3) ability to deliver valuable outcomes to stockholders


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