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  1. circumlocution
  2. circumspect
  3. photosynthesis
  4. unctuous
  5. gauche
  1. a adj. lacking social polish
  2. b adj. heedful of potential consequences
  3. c noun an indirect way of expressing something; a style that involves indirect ways of expressing things
  4. d adj. unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech
  5. e noun synthesis of compounds with the aid of radiant energy (especially in plants)

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  1. noun the point above the observer that is directly opposite the nadir on the imaginary sphere against which celestial bodies appear to be projected
  2. noun useless repetition; (logic) a statement that is necessarily true
  3. adj. impossible to deny or disprove; necessarily or demonstrably true
  4. adj. unpredictably difficult in operation; likely to be troublesome; stubbornly resistant to authority or control; easily irritated or annoyed
  5. adj. characterized by a lightly pert and exuberant quality; improperly forward or bold; not pertinent to the matter under consideration

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  1. vociferousadj. conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry


  2. fundamentalnoun a mature sexual reproductive cell having a single set of unpaired chromosomes


  3. imperialadj. wild and menacing


  4. implacableadj. incapable of being placated


  5. equinoxnoun the basic monetary unit of most members of the European Union (introduced in 1999); in 2002 twelve European nations (Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Austria, Finland) adopted the euro as their basic unit of money and abandoned their traditional currencies


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