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a fortiori

from a stronger position

ab ovo

from the egg

ad hoc

for this

ad hominem

for the man

ad infinitum

to eternity

ad nauseam

to nausea





Alma Mater

foster mother


foster child

Anno Domini

In the year of our lord

ante bellum

before the war

ante meridiem

before noon

argumentum ex silentio

an argument based on silence

ars gratia artis

art for the sake of art

ars longa, vita brevis

art is long, life short

bona fida

in good faith

carpe diem

seize the day

casus belli

an occasion of war

ceteris paribus

all other things being equal


I believe

cui bono?

To whose advantage?

cum grano salis

with a grain of salt

cum laude

with honors


things given

de facto

on the basis of fact

de gustibus non est disputandum

one ought not to argue about tastes

de jure

on the basis of right

de minimis non curat lex

The law does not care about the smallest things

de mortuis nil nisi bonum

(Say) nothing but good of the dead

de novo


deo volente

god willing

dies irae

day of wrath

Dominus vobiscum

The lord be with you

Dramatis personae

masks of the drama

E pluribus unum

one from many

ecce homo

behold the man



et alia

and other things

et cetera

and the rest

ex cathedra

from the chair

ex nihilo nihil fit

nothing is made from nothing

ex officio

on the basis of his office

ex post facto

on the basis of something done afterwards

ex tempore

out of the moment


let him go out


they go out


he goes out

festina lente

make haste slowly


let it be done

genius loci

the spirit of the place

gloria in excelsis

glory in the highest

habeas corpus

that you may have the body


in that same place

id est

that is

ignis fatuus

foolish fire

in esse

in being

in extremis

among the last things

in flagrante delicto

while the crime is blazing

in hoc signo vinces

in this sign you will conquer

in loco parentis

in the place of a parent

in medias res

into the midst of things

in memoriam

to the memory of

in posse

in possibility

in propria persona

in one's own character

in situ

in place

in toto

on the whole

in vacuo

in emptiness

in vino veritas

in wine there is truth

infra dignitatem

beneath ones dignity

inter alia

among other things

ipse dixit

he himself said

ipso facto

by that very fact

lapsus calami

a slip of the pen

lapsus linguae

a slip of the tongue


letter by letter

locum tenens

one holding a place

magna cum laude

with great praise

magnum opus

a great work


mother of the family

mea culpa

my fault

mememto mori

remember to die

mens sana in corpore sano

a sound mind in a sound body


minor details

mirabile dictu

amazing to say

modus operandi

method of working

morituri te salutamus

we destined to die salute you

multum in parvo

much in little

mutatis mutandis

having changed the things which must be changed

ne plus ultra

no more beyond

nemine contradicente

no one contradicting

nil desperandum

nothing is to be despaired of

nolens volens

willy nilly

non compos mentis

not sound of mind

non sequitur

it does not follow

nota bene

note well

nunc dimittis

now lettest thou depart

O tempora! O mores!

Oh the times, Oh the morals

obiter dictum

said by the way

opus citatum

the work previously cited


by the leave of

pari passu

at an equal pace


father of the family


our father

pax vobiscum

peace be with you


I have sinned

per annum

by the year

per capita

by heads

per diem

by the day

per se

in itself

pons asinorum

bridge of donkeys

post hoc ergo propter hoc

after this, therefore because of this

post meridiem

after noon

post mortem

after death

post scriptum

written afterwards

prima facie

by first appearance

pro bono publico

for the people's good

pro et contra

for and against

pro forma

for forms sake

pro rata

according to a fixed (share)

pro tempore

for the time being


as if

quid pro quo

something for something

quod erat demonstrandum

which was to be demonstrated

quod vide

which see

rara avis

a rare bird

reductio ad absurdum

reduction to absurdity

requiescat in pace

My he rest in peace

sanctum sanctorum

holy of holies

senatus populusque romanus

the senate and the people of Rome


in series

sic transit gloria mundi

thus passes the glory of the world

sine die

without a day

sine qua non

without which not

status quo ante

the condition in which

sub rosa

under the rose

sui generis

of its own kind

summa cum laude

with highest praise

summum bonum

the highest good

sursum corda

(lift) up your hearts

tabula rasa

a smoothed tablet

te deum

(We praise) thee god

Tempus fugit

time flies

terra firma

solid earth

terra incognita

unknown land

ultima Thule

furthest Thule

Vade mecum

go with me


word by word

verbum sat sapienti

a word to the wise is sufficient

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