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  1. is a thin glass tube with a bulb on one end that contains a liquid, ususally mercury or colored alcohol.
  2. characteristics of conduction
  3. convection currents
  4. Temperature
  5. true
  1. a the upware movement of warm air and the downward movement of cools air form
  2. b It works well in some solids, works well in metals
  3. c is a measure of how hot or cold a substance is
  4. d What is a thermometer?
  5. e the faster the molecules of a gas are moving, the more energy they have (T/F)

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  1. burning your bare feet on hot sand is an example of
  2. transfer of heat by the movement of a fluid is called
  3. The transfer of heat by the movement of a fluid is called
  4. most heating of the troposphere is caused by
  5. a material that electric currents CANNOT pass through easily (examples- wood, paper, plastic, rubber, styrofoam, cloth, glass)

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  1. thermal energyThe total energy of motion of a substance is called


  2. RadiationThe direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching is called


  3. temperatureThe average amount of energy of motion of the moleules of a substance is called


  4. ThermometerAir temperature is usually measured with a


  5. Food Webconduction works best in liquids (T/F)


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