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  1. cult
  2. subgrouping
  3. social loafing
  4. obedience
  5. evaluation apprehension
  1. a a group typically characterized by 1) distinct ritual and beliefs related to its devotion to a god or a person 2) isolation from the surrounding "evil" culture 3) a charismatic leader
  2. b accommodating individuals who deviate from one's stereotype by forming new stereotype about this subset group
  3. c acting in accord with a direct order or command
  4. d the tendency for people to exert less effort when they pool their efforts toward a common goal than when they are individually responsible
  5. e concern for how others are evaluating us

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  1. explaining away outgroup members' positive behaviors; also attributing negative behaviors to their dispositions while excusing such behavior from one's own group
  2. an individual's prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory behavior based on race
  3. believability
  4. a belief about the personal attributes of a group of people
  5. a person's expectation of being victimized by prejudice or discrimination

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  1. transformational leadershipleadership that, enabled by a leader's vision and inspiration, exerts significant influence


  2. recency effectother things being equal, information presented first usually has the most influence


  3. task leadershipthe process by which certain group members motivate and guide the group


  4. need for cognitionunjustified negative behavior toward a group or its members


  5. pluralistic ignoranceconformity based on a person's desire to fulfill others' expectations, often to gain acceptance


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