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  1. social identity
  2. own-race bias
  3. just-world phenomenon
  4. stereotype threat
  5. attractiveness
  1. a a disruptive concern, when facing a negative stereotype, that one will be evaluated based on a negative stereotype
  2. b the tendency for people to more accurately recognize faces of their own race
  3. c the "we" aspect of our self concept
  4. d the tendency of people to believe that the world is just and therefore people are getting what the deserve
  5. e having qualities that appeal to an audience

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  1. an individual's prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory behavior based on race
  2. a belief about the personal attributes of a group of people
  3. group-produced enhancement of members' preexisting tendencies; a strengthening of the members' average tendency, not split within the group
  4. the way a message is delivered
  5. the extent to which members of a group are bound together, such as by attraction for one another

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  1. groupa group of people who share a sense of belonging, "us"


  2. groupthinktwo or more people who, for longer than a few moments, interact with and influence one another and perceive one another as "us"


  3. informational influenceconformity occurring when people accept evidence about reality provided by other people


  4. ethnocentricbelieving in the superiority of one's own ethnic and cultural group and having disdain for all other groups


  5. social loafingthe "we" aspect of our self concept


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