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  1. informational influence
  2. central route to persuasion
  3. transformational leadership
  4. outgroup
  5. need for cognition
  1. a occurs when interested people focus on the arguments and respond with favorable thoughts
  2. b the motivation to think and analyze
  3. c conformity occurring when people accept evidence about reality provided by other people
  4. d leadership that, enabled by a leader's vision and inspiration, exerts significant influence
  5. e a group that people perceive as distinctly different from or apart from their ingroup, "them"

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  1. people who benefit from the group but give little in return
  2. the tendency for people to more accurately recognize faces of their own race
  3. having qualities that appeal to an audience
  4. a belief about the personal attributes of a group of people
  5. "the mode of thinking that persons engage in when concurrence-seeking becomes so dominant in a cohesive in-group that it tends to override the realistic appraisal of alternative courses of action"

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  1. prejudicea motive to protect or restore one's sense of freedom


  2. primacy effectinformation presented last sometimes has the most influence, only after a period of time has passed between the first and second message


  3. attitude inoculationloss of self-awareness and evaluation apprehension; occurs in group situations that foster responsiveness to group norms, good or bad


  4. recency effecta delayed impact of a message that occurs when an initially discounted message becomes effective, we remember the message but forget why we discounted it


  5. subtypingaccommodating individuals who deviate from one's stereotype by forming new stereotype about this subset group


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