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  1. stigma consciousness
  2. cohesiveness
  3. authoritarian personality
  4. channel of communication
  5. subgrouping
  1. a the extent to which members of a group are bound together, such as by attraction for one another
  2. b a personality that is predisposed to favor obedience to authority and intolerance of outgroups and those lower in status
  3. c a person's expectation of being victimized by prejudice or discrimination
  4. d accommodating individuals who deviate from one's stereotype by forming new stereotype about this subset group
  5. e the way a message is delivered

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  1. people who benefit from the group but give little in return
  2. the theory that people's self-protective emotional and cognitive responses heighten when confronted with reminders of their mortality
  3. leadership that, enabled by a leader's vision and inspiration, exerts significant influence
  4. exposing people to weak attacks upon their attitudes so that when stronger attacks come, they will have refutations available
  5. the strengthening of dominant responses in the presence of others, the tendency for people to perform simple tasks better when others are present

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  1. peripheral route to persuasionoccurs when people are influenced by incidental cues such as the speaker's attractiveness


  2. autokinetic phenomenonthe apparent movement of a stationary point of light in the dark


  3. stereotypea belief about the personal attributes of a group of people


  4. social identityleadership that builds teamwork, mediates conflict, and offers support


  5. discriminationloss of self-awareness and evaluation apprehension; occurs in group situations that foster responsiveness to group norms, good or bad


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