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  1. informational influence
  2. reactance
  3. recency effect
  4. need for cognition
  5. primacy effect
  1. a information presented last sometimes has the most influence, only after a period of time has passed between the first and second message
  2. b the motivation to think and analyze
  3. c conformity occurring when people accept evidence about reality provided by other people
  4. d other things being equal, information presented first usually has the most influence
  5. e a motive to protect or restore one's sense of freedom

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  1. the apparent movement of a stationary point of light in the dark
  2. a delayed impact of a message that occurs when an initially discounted message becomes effective, we remember the message but forget why we discounted it
  3. an individual's prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory behavior toward people of a certain sex
  4. a disruptive concern, when facing a negative stereotype, that one will be evaluated based on a negative stereotype
  5. leadership that, enabled by a leader's vision and inspiration, exerts significant influence

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  1. attractivenessthe extent to which members of a group are bound together, such as by attraction for one another


  2. leadershipthe process by which certain group members motivate and guide the group


  3. social dominance orientationa motivation to have one's group dominate other social groups


  4. co-actorsa group that people perceive as distinctly different from or apart from their ingroup, "them"


  5. normative influenceconformity based on a person's desire to fulfill others' expectations, often to gain acceptance


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