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  1. cordial
  2. morphodite
  3. analogous
  4. bawled
  5. compensation
  1. a warm and friendly
  2. b to _______ means to pay for something or to make up for something
  3. c cried out noisily
  4. d Scout has misheard Miss Maudie, who would actually have said the word hermaphrodite. Technically, a hermaphrodite is an animal or plant that has both female and male reproductive organs.
  5. e similar, comparable

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  1. anything to do with meteorology or weather
  2. an ________ is a deviation, or a moving away from, something that is normal
  3. a representation of a person where certain features of that person are exaggerated or distorted
  4. is a colorful and decorative kind of flower
  5. To _______ is to overwelm something until it is powerless

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  1. unfathomablehigh


  2. prophetobtained


  3. plaitedbraided


  4. trebleTo _______ is to overwelm something until it is powerless


  5. procuredA _______ is someone able to predict the future


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