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  1. prodigy
  2. capitulate
  3. encroach
  4. apt
  5. predominant
  1. a suitable,fitting,likely;quick to learn
  2. b something wonderful or marvelous;something monstrous or abnormal; an unusual feat; a child or young person with extraordinary ability or talent
  3. c to end resistance, give up, surrender, throw in the towel
  4. d to advance beyond the usually or proper limits, trespass
  5. e the greatest in strength or power; most common

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  1. to warm by rubbing, to wear sore by rubbing; to feel annoyance or dissatisfaction, annoy, irk; to strain or press against; a sore or injury caused by rubbing
  2. air, manner; appearance; expression
  3. charming, tending to get rid of unfriendliness or suspicion
  4. freedom from punishment
  5. to make unclean or dirty; destroy the purity of; to march in a single line; a narrow passage;gorge,canyon

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  1. bludgeonshort club used as a weapon; to strike with a heavy club; to use force or strong arguments to gain some point


  2. direin a turned or twisted position or direction;wrong, out of the right of hoped-for course


  3. penalhaving to do with punishment


  4. fendair, manner; appearance; expression


  5. pertinentthe greatest in strength or power; most common


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