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  1. How to prevent muscle spasms?
  2. Which band is the dark band?Why?
  3. What is Myoglobin?
  4. What is Depolariziation?
  5. What is the NA-K ATPase pump?
  1. a A band because Myosin and Actin are both here
  2. b it pumps 3 NA+ out for every 2K+
  3. c Ca++ stays in terminal cisternae and is blocked by Calsequestrin a chaperone molecule
  4. d NA+ go inside muscle cell and inside becomes negative
  5. e Stores oxygen in skeletal muscle

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  1. CT on surface of the epimysium
  2. myofibrils
  3. Direct
  4. covering that wraps around each individual fascicle
  5. signal down axon electrically

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  1. What is it called when our body need anaerobic respiration when we dont have enough oxygen during aerobic respiration?Anaerobic threshold


  2. What is Propagation?AP is spreading inside becomes positive


  3. What is the disadvantages of DP?no oxygen required


  4. What is the fuel in order for Red,Pink, and White skeletal muscle?Fats


  5. What is a twitch?a contraction of a muscle cell


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