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  1. What is Isometric Contraction?
  2. Motor neuron cause what?
  3. What is a stustained muscle contraction?
  4. How does the action potential become chemical?
  5. What are T-tubules?How?
  1. a tetany
  2. b a muscle contraction where tension generated in the muscle is lesser than load on muscle
  3. c muscle movement
  4. d passageway from sarcolemma down into muscle cell electrically
  5. e when it goes over the synaptic cleft to motor end side

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  1. in the blood where it is converted to glucose in liver and comes back to the muscle
  2. ACh binds onto ACh receptors to get to muscle cell
  3. brain and spinal cord
  4. signal down axon electrically
  5. takes longer to produce ATP

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  1. What is it called when our body need anaerobic respiration when we dont have enough oxygen during aerobic respiration?Anaerobic threshold


  2. What is myofibrils made up of?sarcomeres that connet to each other


  3. How does contraction stop?NA+ channels close and get rid of ACh by an enzyme


  4. Which skeletal muscle will you have more of if you are a marathon run?Red skeletal muscle because you use anaerobic respiration


  5. What is Epimysium?covering on outside of muscle


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