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  1. What is the synaptic cleft?
  2. What is a twitch?
  3. What does mitochondria do in skeletal muscle?
  4. What is the disadvantages of Aerobic Respiration?
  5. What does wave summations do?
  1. a takes longer to produce ATP
  2. b Produce ATP, glucose, and oxygen
  3. c get stronger with each contraction
  4. d a contraction of a muscle cell
  5. e the space between the muscle and axon terminal

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  1. lots of glucose for only 2 ATP and lactic acid cause soreness
  2. NA+ channels close and get rid of ACh by an enzyme
  3. lactic acid build up
  4. when it goes over the synaptic cleft to motor end side
  5. Direct Phorsphorylation
    Aerobic Respiration
    Anaerobic Respiration

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  1. What is the section of sarcolemma under axon terminal?end of nerve


  2. What is a stustained muscle contraction?a muscle contraction where tension generated in the muscle is greater than load on muscle


  3. How does the action potential move across surface?by NA+ channels opening it propagates along sarcolemma


  4. The terminal cisternae is where?sarcoplasmic reticulum


  5. Where is CA++ stored at?terminal cisternae


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