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  1. What does ACh trigger?
  2. What are T-tubules?How?
  3. What is myofibrils made up of?
  4. What is Isometric Contraction?
  5. What happens if all motor units gets tired?
  1. a a muscle contraction where tension generated in the muscle is lesser than load on muscle
  2. b passageway from sarcolemma down into muscle cell electrically
  3. c NA+ channels to open on motor end plate and go into muscle cell
  4. d sarcomeres that connet to each other
  5. e The object that is being held will have to be put down

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  1. Direct Phorsphorylation
    Aerobic Respiration
    Anaerobic Respiration
  2. Bundle of muscle cells
  3. by NA+ channels opening it propagates along sarcolemma
  4. synaptic vesicals that have ACh
  5. it goes on to sarcomere where it binds on the troponin to pull on the tropomyosin causing contraction

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  1. What are the neurotransmitters that go over the synaptic cleft?Acetylcholine(ACh)


  2. What does wave summations do?moves phosphate from creatine to ADP to form ATP


  3. Where does the motor unit come from?ACh binds onto ACh receptors to get to muscle cell


  4. What is an axon terminal?cell wall in skeletal muscle


  5. What are the characteristics of Muscles?Movement
    Maintain Posture
    Stabilize joints
    Allows external openings
    Produce heat
    Influence Metabolism


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