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  1. What is Repolarization?
  2. How does contraction stop?
  3. What are the functions of Skeletal Muscle?
  4. How does action potential move across cell electrically?
  5. At the end of the T-tubules what is opened?
  1. a NA+ gates close and K+ gates open and go outside cell inside becomes negative
  2. b NA+ channels close and get rid of ACh by an enzyme
  3. c CA++ channels is opened
  4. d Movement
    Maintain Posture
    Stabilize joints
    Allows external openings
    Produce heat
    Influence Metabolism
  5. e Depolarization

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  1. cell wall in skeletal muscle
  2. Pink skeletal muscle because you use aerobic and anaerobic respiration
  3. lots of glucose for only 2 ATP and lactic acid cause soreness
  4. wave summation
  5. a nerve

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  1. What is fascicle?Bundle of muscle cells


  2. What is the disadvantages of Aerobic Respiration?takes longer to produce ATP


  3. What are the different types of contractions?Direct Phorsphorylation
    Aerobic Respiration
    Anaerobic Respiration


  4. How does the action potential become chemical?signal down axon electrically


  5. What are T-tubules?How?passageway from sarcolemma down into muscle cell electrically


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