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  1. Motor neuron cause what?
  2. What are two ways skeletal muscle can be attached to a bone?
  3. What does Direct Phosphorylation do?
  4. What is an axon?
  5. What does the lactic acid build up go to?
  1. a muscle movement
  2. b in the blood where it is converted to glucose in liver and comes back to the muscle
  3. c moves phosphate from creatine to ADP to form ATP
  4. d Direct
  5. e a nerve

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  1. Red skeletal muscle because you use aerobic respiration
  2. no oxygen required
  3. Red skeletal muscle because you use anaerobic respiration
  4. I band because only Actin is found here
  5. myofibrils

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  1. What happens if one motor unit gets tired?Other motor units pick up the slack until fully recovered


  2. What are the functions of Skeletal Muscle?Movement
    Maintain Posture
    Stabilize joints
    Allows external openings
    Produce heat
    Influence Metabolism


  3. What does mitochondria do in skeletal muscle?Produce ATP, glucose, and oxygen


  4. How does the action potential move across surface?Depolarization


  5. Where does the Acetylcholine go?ACh binds onto ACh receptors to get to muscle cell


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