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  1. descendants
  2. barbecue
  3. commotion
  4. snuffled
  5. bumbling
  1. a people who come from a particular ancestor
  2. b a nisy disturbance; confusion
  3. c making clumsy mistakes
  4. d a meal, usually meet, cooked outdoors over an open fire
  5. e breathing noisily because of partially stop that nasal passages

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  1. large groups of insects flying or moving together
  2. judged or calculated, as of the value, quality, extent, size or cost of something
  3. a refuge for wildlife where predators were controlled and hunting is not allowed
  4. having or deserving praise or honor; magnificent
  5. annoyed greatly; made angry

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  1. threatenedbeyond the beginning level; not elementary


  2. consistedvery hungry; starving


  3. period1. A length of historical time. 2. A mark of punctuation at the end of a declarative sentence or abbreviation.


  4. fragileeasily broken; delicate


  5. vesselslarge groups of insects flying or moving together


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