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  1. famished
  2. exasperated
  3. flicked
  4. estimated
  5. advanced
  1. a annoyed greatly; made angry
  2. b hit or moved with a quick, light snap
  3. c beyond the beginning level; not elementary
  4. d very hungry; starving
  5. e judged or calculated, as of the value, quality, extent, size or cost of something

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  1. ships or large boats used to transport or carryover water
  2. walking in a self-important way
  3. of great use, worth, or importance
  4. contained; was made up
  5. a picture made by pasting paper, cloth, metal, and other things in an arrangement on a surface

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  1. glisteningwalking in a self-important way


  2. glorioushaving or deserving praise or honor; magnificent


  3. commotioncertain; sure


  4. fragileeasily broken; delicate


  5. snuffledvery hungry; starving


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