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  1. entreat
  2. convoluted
  3. churlish
  4. aud
  5. lurid
  1. a adj. intricate; complex
  2. b adj. causing shock or horror , explicit
  3. c verb. to beg, implore, ask earnestly
  4. d to hear, as in audible
  5. e adj. lacking politeness or good manners; lacking sensitivity; difficult to work with or deal with; rude/Daniel Gonzalez

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  1. verb. to announce; to make known
  2. around, as in circumnavigate
  3. noun. a short account of an incident
  4. in or not, upon, against, as in intransitive
  5. adj. convincing; reasonable

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  1. lividto see, as in video


  2. dilatoryadj. tending to delay or procrastinate/Ian McIssac


  3. nexusto hear, as in audible


  4. incumbentadj. convincing; reasonable


  5. coevaladj. convincing; reasonable


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