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  1. Rapporte (-moi)
  2. Non, tu dois _______.
  3. Pas question!
  4. Bon, d'accord.
  5. J'ai des ta de choses a faire.
  1. a Bring (me) back...
  2. b Non, you've got to ________.
  3. c Well, okay.
  4. d Out of the question!
  5. e I have many things to do.

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  1. May I...
  2. Can you....?
  3. to take out the trash
  4. Okay, if you ______ first _______.
  5. to walk the dog

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  1. laver la voitureto do the dishes


  2. N'oublie pas d'I need....


  3. Tu me rapportes....Will you bring me...?


  4. J'ai de trucs a faire.I have many things to do.


  5. Debarrasser la tableto clear the table


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