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  1. Tu me rapportes....
  2. De quoi est-ce que tu as besoin?
  3. faire la vaisalle
  4. Je veux bien.
  5. faire le menage
  1. a Will you bring me...?
  2. b Gladly.
  3. c to do the dishes
  4. d What do you need?
  5. e to clean the house

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Buy (me)...
  2. Not _______.
  3. to pick up your room
  4. to clear the table
  5. Out of the question!

5 True/False Questions

  1. Tu es d'accord?Well, okay.


  2. Non, c'est impossible.No, that's impossible.


  3. (Est-ce que) je peuxMay I...


  4. J'ai de trucs a faire.I have many things to do.


  5. N'oublie pas d'Don't forget to...


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