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  1. (Est-ce que) je peux
  2. De quoi est-ce que tu as besoin?
  3. Pas question!
  4. Tu peux...
  5. Tu es d'accord?
  1. a May I...
  2. b Can you....?
  3. c Is that okay with you?
  4. d What do you need?
  5. e Out of the question!

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  1. Buy (me)...
  2. to clean the house
  3. to do the dishes
  4. Gladly.
  5. to walk the dog

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  1. J'y vais tout de suite.I'll go right away.


  2. tondre le gazonto mow the lawn


  3. faire les coursesto clean the house


  4. J'ai des ta de choses a faire.I have stuff to do.


  5. soitr la poubelleto do the dishes


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