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  1. James Oglethorpe
  2. Mason Dixon Line
  3. Montezuma
  4. Indentured Servants
  5. Henry Hudson
  1. a English navigator
    worked for Dutch East India Company
    reached New York Harbor & Hudson River
  2. b leader of the Aztecs
    defeated by Cortes
  3. c established Georgia as a colony that was a refuge for debtors and a military outpost
  4. d acted as a resolution to a boundary dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland
  5. e consisted of poor and convicted criminals, who gave 4 to 7 years of their freedom to work in the New World

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  1. Quotation by John Winthrop in speaking about the very high religious standards of their new settlement & government
  2. when a mother country exploits the natural resources of the undeveloped country for its own financial gain
  3. Transformed New Amsterdam into New York
  4. Chinese treasure ship
  5. Founded New Hampshire, after being banished by the Puritans

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  1. William Pennsearched for the fountain of youth


  2. taxation without representationcolonials resented being controlled by a ruler who lived hundreds of miles away especially since they had to pay taxes without anyone representing them in Parliament


  3. John Winthropfirst governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony
    led the Puritan settlers


  4. Ponce de Leonsearched for the fountain of youth


  5. Fundamental Orders of Connecticutnew world's first official constitution


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