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  1. France's first permanent settlement in North America on the St. Lawrence River
  2. "We shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us."
  3. Bride Ship
  4. John Winthrop
  5. Thomas Hooker
  1. a Brought women to the New World
  2. b Quebec
  3. c Quotation by John Winthrop in speaking about the very high religious standards of their new settlement & government
  4. d first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony
    led the Puritan settlers
  5. e established the colony of Connecticut using a constitution

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  1. minister who was banished from Massachusetts
    founded Rhode Island as his own colony
  2. Spanish conquerors
    wanted to discover wealth & spread Catholicism by force
  3. is known as the "city of brotherly love"
  4. colonials resented being controlled by a ruler who lived hundreds of miles away especially since they had to pay taxes without anyone representing them in Parliament
  5. first European to circumnavigate the globe

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  1. James OglethorpeEnglish political philosopher
    wrote the first constitution in the new world


  2. Rhode Islandcolony set up by Williams
    religious freedom & separation of church and state


  3. Amerigo Vespucciestablished Georgia as a colony that was a refuge for debtors and a military outpost


  4. Indentured Servantsconsisted of poor and convicted criminals, who gave 4 to 7 years of their freedom to work in the New World


  5. mercantilismwhen a mother country exploits the natural resources of the undeveloped country for its own financial gain


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