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  1. Treaty of Tordesillas
  2. Duke of York
  3. Thomas Hooker
  4. junk ship
  5. "We shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us."
  1. a settled conflict between Spain & Portugal
    created the Line of Demarcation
    split the world in half
  2. b established the colony of Connecticut using a constitution
  3. c Quotation by John Winthrop in speaking about the very high religious standards of their new settlement & government
  4. d Chinese treasure ship
  5. e Transformed New Amsterdam into New York

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  1. new world's first official constitution
  2. first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony
    led the Puritan settlers
  3. actually discovered America
    how America got it's name
  4. colonials resented being controlled by a ruler who lived hundreds of miles away especially since they had to pay taxes without anyone representing them in Parliament
  5. fleet of 130 ships defeated by the English navy in 1588

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  1. Indentured Servantsconsisted of poor and convicted criminals, who gave 4 to 7 years of their freedom to work in the New World


  2. Francisco Pizarrofleet of 130 ships defeated by the English navy in 1588


  3. Columbian ExchangeEnglish political philosopher
    wrote the first constitution in the new world


  4. conquistadorSpanish conquerors
    wanted to discover wealth & spread Catholicism by force


  5. William Penn~Quaker
    ~didn't believe paid clergy were necessary
    ~everyone could know God's will through his or her own "inner light"
    ~established Pennsylvania as a colony


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