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  1. Roger Williams
  2. taxation without representation
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Duke of York
  5. John Wheelwright
  1. a Transformed New Amsterdam into New York
  2. b colonials resented being controlled by a ruler who lived hundreds of miles away especially since they had to pay taxes without anyone representing them in Parliament
  3. c minister who was banished from Massachusetts
    founded Rhode Island as his own colony
  4. d is known as the "city of brotherly love"
  5. e Founded New Hampshire, after being banished by the Puritans

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  1. established Georgia as a colony that was a refuge for debtors and a military outpost
  2. actually discovered America
    how America got it's name
  3. searched for the fountain of youth
  4. fleet of 130 ships defeated by the English navy in 1588
  5. defeated the Aztecs in Mexico

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  1. "We shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us."Quotation by John Winthrop in speaking about the very high religious standards of their new settlement & government


  2. Samuel de Champlainsearched for the fountain of youth


  3. John WinthropEnglish political philosopher
    wrote the first constitution in the new world


  4. Francisco Pizarrofleet of 130 ships defeated by the English navy in 1588


  5. junk shipChinese treasure ship


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