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  1. latitude
  2. precipitation
  3. evaporation
  4. Wind
  5. rain gauge
  1. a Forms of water such as rain, snow, sleet, or hail that fall from clouds and reach Earth's surface.
  2. b An instrument used to measure the amount of precipitation, consisting of an open-ended container topped by a collecting funnel and having a collecting tube and measuring scale inside.
  3. c The horizontal movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of lower pressure.
  4. d The distance north or south from the equator, measured in degrees.
  5. e The process that occurs when vaporization takes place only on the surface of a liquid; also, the process by which molecules at the surface of a liquid, such as water, absorb enough energy to change to a gaseous state, such as water vapor.

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  1. Reflection of light in all directions
  2. The transfer of heat through direct physical contact.
  3. An instrument used to measure temperature, consisting of a thin, glass tube with a bulb on one end that contains a liquid, usually mercury or alcohol.
  4. Sea and land breezes over a large region that change direction with the seasons.
  5. Increased cooling caused by the wind.

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  1. Coriolis effectThe process by which heat is trapped in the atmosphere by water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases that form a "blanket" around the earth


  2. stratusClouds that form in flat layers.


  3. jet streamsBands of high-speed winds about 10 kilometers above Earth's surface.


  4. Electromagnetic waveAn instrument used to measure relative humidity, consisting of a wet-bulb thermometer and a dry-bulb thermometer.


  5. local windWind that blows over short distances.


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