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  1. Cackling
  2. Interim
  3. Wraith
  4. Berseck
  5. Acute
  1. a Provisional
  2. b Critical serious
  3. c A state of being crazy or wild
  4. d a ghost or ghostly image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death.
  5. e To utter a shrill, broken sound or cry as of a hen, or to chatter noisily.

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  1. A pretense of bravery
  2. In poor condition; shabby
  3. Morally corrupt; perverted
  4. Take something for free
  5. To travel or roam about for pleasure

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  1. LeprosyA contagious bacterial disease that affects the skin, mucous, membranes and nerves


  2. WhimperingFeel hatred or disgust for


  3. IncongrousCrouch down in fear


  4. CowersCrouch down in fear


  5. AssuageMake (an unpleasent) less intense


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