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  1. Degenerate
  2. Bilious
  3. Graft
  4. Euphemism
  5. Gregarious
  1. a Greenish sickly; looks like might vomit
  2. b The acquisition of money through abuse of power
  3. c A person of low moral standards (ex: a rapist
  4. d A kinder phrase to replace a rude idea or phrase.
  5. e Frienfly,sociable, outgoing

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  1. Candid and honest
  2. The second stage of freud's psycholoigical stages. In the period of human development at about one to two years of age.Around this age the child begins to toilet train
  3. Not in keeping with the surroundings or other elements;out of place
  4. To travel or roam about for pleasure
  5. Decaying or rotting and emitting a fetid smell

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  1. InterimProvisional


  2. Bubonic plagueA form of plague transmitted by rat fleas and characterized by fever,delirium, and the formation of buboes.


  3. SnottyA woman's shoulder scarf or fur


  4. SanitariumA mental hospital or asylum for crazy people


  5. Pungenthaving a sharply strong taste or smell.


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