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  1. Etymology
  2. Mooching
  3. Bravado
  4. Blasphemer
  5. Pout
  1. a Take something for free
  2. b Push ones lips or botton lip forward as an expression of sulky annoyance or to make oneself look sexually attractive
  3. c A pretense of bravery
  4. d A person who blasphemers or speaks disrespectfully of God or sacred things
  5. e An account of the origins and the developments in meaning of a word

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  1. To utter a shrill, broken sound or cry as of a hen, or to chatter noisily.
  2. Cause to lose determination or confidence
  3. A state or period of little or no change following a period of activity or progress
  4. Morally corrupt; perverted
  5. Angel/the adult/the authority figure/teacher priest.... acts as the consience.....

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  1. MangyIn poor condition; shabby


  2. PatronizingFeel hatred or disgust for


  3. LouseDoing nothing/ wasting time


  4. CoaxPersuade (someone) gradually or by flaterry to do something


  5. GregariousA member of a travelling people seaking a language ( romany) related to Hindi, and traditionally living by itnerant trade.


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