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  1. Oxymoron
  2. Depraved
  3. Plateau
  4. Ubiquitous
  5. Loftily
  1. a All over the place/everywhere
  2. b A state or period of little or no change following a period of activity or progress
  3. c Noble/ elevated
  4. d A two word,or short phrase of opposites
  5. e Morally corrupt; perverted

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  1. A woman employed to teach children in a private household
  2. A state of being careless/ with no energy
  3. Nasty
  4. A low platform for a lectern or throne
  5. The state or quality of really enderstanding someone; putting yourself in "someone else's shoes" so that you can fully relate to their situation

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  1. AssuageMake (an unpleasent) less intense


  2. Anal StageThe second stage of freud's psycholoigical stages. In the period of human development at about one to two years of age.Around this age the child begins to toilet train


  3. MoochingTo hit hard


  4. ScacegoatThe mature adult/ The happy medium


  5. PleadTo BEG/ to ask for something by begging. To use arguments or persuasions,as with a person, for or against something


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