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  1. Mangy
  2. shabby
  3. Super ego
  4. Vile
  5. Pungent
  1. a In poor condition; shabby
  2. b having a sharply strong taste or smell.
  3. c Angel/the adult/the authority figure/teacher priest.... acts as the consience.....
  4. d Extremely umpleasent
  5. e Messy

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  1. To BEG/ to ask for something by begging. To use arguments or persuasions,as with a person, for or against something
  2. Frienfly,sociable, outgoing
  3. An account of the origins and the developments in meaning of a word
  4. A mental hospital or asylum for crazy people
  5. The acquisition of money through abuse of power

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  1. TentativelyNot certain or fixed ; provisional


  2. SinisterSuggestive of evil or harm


  3. BravadoTo be crazy and out of control


  4. EmpathyA state of being careless/ with no energy


  5. AlacrityA state of being full of eager willingness/enthusiasm


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