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  1. Governess
  2. Hovel
  3. Patronizing
  4. Bowels
  5. Ego
  1. a A small squalid or poorly constructed dwelling
  2. b The mature adult/ The happy medium
  3. c The intestines
  4. d A woman employed to teach children in a private household
  5. e To talk to someone in a tone of voice as if they were a child or someone beneath you... to condescned to someone.

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  1. A person or group made to bear the blame for others
  2. A state of being full of eager willingness/enthusiasm
  3. The acquisition of money through abuse of power
  4. Provisional
  5. To utter a shrill, broken sound or cry as of a hen, or to chatter noisily.

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  1. UbiquitousAll over the place/everywhere


  2. FrankCandid and honest


  3. AnnihilateDestroy utterly


  4. ObliquelyNeither parallel nor at right angles/ slanting


  5. CoaxPersuade (someone) gradually or by flaterry to do something


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