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  1. Denotation
  2. Loftily
  3. Elopement
  4. Cowers
  5. Regression
  1. a The act of running away with someone secretly to be married, usually without the consent of one's parents.
  2. b Crouch down in fear
  3. c be a sign of; indicate
  4. d Noble/ elevated
  5. e To go back; A psychological term meaning to go backwards, especially in , maturity , like to regress to one's childhood

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  1. A woman's shoulder scarf or fur
  2. Having a superior or conceited attitude
  3. shy
  4. Neither parallel nor at right angles/ slanting
  5. Capable of making mistakes or being wrong

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  1. DaisA low platform for a lectern or throne


  2. OxymoronAn account of the origins and the developments in meaning of a word


  3. PoutCritical serious


  4. DepravedMorally corrupt; perverted


  5. RavingTo be crazy and out of control


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