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  1. neighborhood size
  2. iteroparity
  3. speciation
  4. semelparity
  5. complete dominance
  1. a recessive is not expressed
  2. b number of individuals that individuals can interact with in its lifetime within given radius
  3. c programmed death; mature, reproduce, die
  4. d formation of new species or subspecies
  5. e repeated reproduction

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  1. separated then came together (eliminated barrier)
  2. the big population eliminates the small population
  3. nonoverlapping geographic ranges (barrier)
  4. live long enough to reproduce then die
  5. a population of morphologically similar individuals capable of reproduction

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  1. cohort (dynamic)both genes are expressed; get an intermediate


  2. emigrationmovement of genes from one population to another


  3. randoma genetic variation through breeding


  4. random driftmovement due to randomness


  5. random matingdepends on frequencies of previous generations


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