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  1. parapatric
  2. dispersion
  3. sex linkage
  4. mutation
  5. strain
  1. a a genetic variation through breeding
  2. b change in the structure of a gene
  3. c spacing of individuals
  4. d gene is linked to one of the sex-determining chromosomes
  5. e separated then came together (eliminated barrier)

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  1. number of breeding individuals in a population
  2. a population of morphologically similar individuals capable of reproduction
  3. depends on frequencies of previous generations
  4. bottle-neck effect
  5. a species that is different in some aspect from one geographical location to another

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  1. senescencedeterioration of physiological function (a point where no longer can reproduce)


  2. emigrationmovement of genes from one population to another


  3. migrationmovement of genes from one population to another


  4. immigrationentering one population from another


  5. complete dominanceboth genes are expressed; get an intermediate


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