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  1. allopatric
  2. sympatric
  3. migration
  4. immigration
  5. cohort (dynamic)
  1. a fate of group of individuals from birth to death in a life table
  2. b movement of genes from one population to another
  3. c overlapping geographic ranges
  4. d nonoverlapping geographic ranges (barrier)
  5. e entering one population from another

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  1. change in the structure of a gene
  2. a genetic variation through breeding
  3. bottle-neck effect
  4. leaving one population to another
  5. one particular gene combination is selected against

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  1. sex linkagea genetic variation through breeding


  2. random matingmovement due to randomness


  3. senescencedeterioration of physiological function (a point where no longer can reproduce)


  4. gene swampingthe big population eliminates the small population


  5. semelparityrepeated reproduction


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