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  1. Decreases
  2. Food chain
  3. Plants
  4. Predator
  1. a The first link in any food chain
  2. b Grass-insect-skunk-hawk
  3. c In a food chain, as an organism gets further from the producer, the amount of energy available ?
  4. d An animal that hunts other animals for food

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  1. Microorganisms that live in water and form the beginning of most ocean food chains
  2. There wouldn't be certain foods available
  3. Can carry out all of the same life processes as a plant or animal made of many cells
  4. Plants are
  5. When two or more food chains overlap

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  1. LimpetsSmall animals that eat seaweed


  2. PreyAny animal that is hunted for food by a predator


  3. CellA rabbit


  4. OmnivoreAn animal that eats only other animals


  5. Food chainThe further a population of organisms is from producers, the less energy is available to that population


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