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  1. Plankton
  2. Photosynthesis
  3. Herbivore
  4. Food chains
  5. Cell
  1. a Takes place in a plants leaves
  2. b Might eat grass
  3. c The basic unit that makes up all living things
  4. d Form the beginning of an ocean food chain
  5. e Are different in different ecosystems

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  1. Small animals that eat seaweed
  2. A skunk
  3. The first link in some ocean food chains
  4. Plants are
  5. Shows the path of food energy in an ecosystem from plants to animals

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  1. PredatorsA fox


  2. Matter and EnergyEnter the food chain through plants


  3. Food chainWhen two or more food chains overlap


  4. BacteriaPickles are made using helpful ?


  5. Food webIn most ecosystems, the ? are green plants


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