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  1. Plants
  2. Food chains
  3. Organisms
  4. Plankton
  1. a Are different in different ecosystems
  2. b Form the beginning of an ocean food chain
  3. c The first link in any food chain
  4. d Depend on each other for food, but they also compete with each other

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  1. An organism that cannot be seen without the help of a microscope
  2. Animals are
  3. An animal that eats only plants
  4. Takes place in a plants leaves
  5. There wouldn't be certain foods available

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  1. PredatorsAn animal that hunts other animals for food


  2. Pond ecosystemIn a food chain, as an organism gets further from the producer, the amount of energy available ?


  3. PredatorIn most ecosystems, the ? are green plants


  4. OmnivoreA bear eats both berries and fish, so it is an ?


  5. Food chainThe further a population of organisms is from producers, the less energy is available to that population


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