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  1. Photosynthesis
  2. Plankton
  3. Bacteria
  4. Predator population
  5. Producer
  1. a Most plants make their own food through this process
  2. b Many kinds of microscopic plants or one-celled algae that use the Sun's energy to make food
  3. c Is smaller than the prey population
  4. d In most ecosystems, the ? are green plants
  5. e Microorganisms found in all living organisms and everywhere on Earth

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  1. Pickles are made using helpful ?
  2. An animal that eats only other animals
  3. Microorganisms that float in water
  4. Eats insects, earthworms, mice and voles
  5. Plants are

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  1. CarnivorePlant eating organism


  2. PreyA rabbit


  3. Single cellSome simple organisms consist of only one ?


  4. OmnivoreGreat horned owl


  5. Food chainsAre different in different ecosystems


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