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  1. recognizable patterns of stresses or accents in a stream of speech or line of poetry
  2. a poetic device describing words that sound like what they mean
  3. a statement that seems contradictory, yet may be interpreted in a way that makes sense
  4. a play on words that seem similar in sound but have diverse meanings
  5. lines of poetry
  6. a four line stanza

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  1. Stanzaa group of lines in a poem that are somehow connected either by idea or form


  2. Similea poetic device whereby two unlike things are compared using "like or as"


  3. Oxymoronjuxtapostion of two words which when considered separately are contradictory but form a complete unit of thought


  4. Metaphora pattern of accented and unaccented syllables to create rhythm


  5. Octametera metric line that contains 8 feet of patterned syllables


  6. Voicea persuasive authorial presence throughout a work of literature


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