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  1. a persuasive authorial presence throughout a work of literature
  2. a lyric poem consisting of a single stanza of fourteen iambic pentameter lines liked by an intricate rhyme scheme
  3. expression of a literary speaker's attitude to his listener; mood
  4. a metric line that contains 8 feet of patterned syllables
  5. a four line stanza
  6. recognizable patterns of stresses or accents in a stream of speech or line of poetry

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  1. Metera pattern of accented and unaccented syllables to create rhythm


  2. Symbola poetic device whereby two unlike things are compared using "like or as"


  3. Paradoxa statement that seems contradictory, yet may be interpreted in a way that makes sense


  4. Personificationa poetic device which assigns human characteristics to a non-human thing


  5. Punexpression of a literary speaker's attitude to his listener; mood


  6. Lyric poemshort poem uttered by a single speaker


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