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  1. Commonly used tests (in assessment of auditory skills in children)
  2. 2 general objective of auditory training for adults
  3. Attention
  4. Auditory Training programs for children - SKI-HI
  5. Greatest amount of speech energy occurs
  1. a focus on the message
  2. b at frequencies below 1000 Hz, attributed largely to the fundamental frequency of the adult human voice
  3. c -home intervention treatment program for infants and families
    -developmentally based auditory-training program
    -utilized in conjunction with speech and language stimulation, 4 phases and 11 general skills
  4. d -WIPI
  5. e -learning to maximize the use of auditory and other related cues available for the perception of speech
    -adjustment and orientation to facilitate the optimum use of amplification, cochlear implant or tactile device

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  1. 45 dB HL
  2. band of frequencies that are resonated, or boosted in energy, by the vocal tract
  3. features of speech that are superimposed on phonemes and words
  4. features associated with individual speech sounds
  5. includes a host of factors that can reduce the amount of info present to the listener

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  1. Noise within the speakerpoor listening skills, poor attending skills, lack of familiarity with rules of the language


  2. Discriminationsame or different sound


  3. Assessment of Auditory skills - adultsyoung children - standardized tests but also informal testing and observation are highly relied upon
    older children - usually more formal, in depth assessment of overall speech perception abilities


  4. Overall spectrum of speechabout 25 dB HL


  5. Speech perception componentsdetection, discrimination, identification, attention, memory, closure, comprehension


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