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  1. Average shout
  2. Auditory Training programs for children - DASL II
  3. Auditory Therapy
  4. Noise within the listener
  5. Basic Auditory Perception Abilities: range of intensity levels the human ear can process
  1. a 65 dB HL
  2. b 0 dB SPL to 130 dB SPL
  3. c involves an attempt to assist a child or adult with a hearing loss in maximizing the use of whatever degree of residual hearing remains
  4. d poor listening skills, poor attending skills, lack of familiarity with rules of the language
  5. e Developmental Approach to Successful Listening, 2nd Edition (DASL II)
    -highly structured, based on a hierarchy of listening skills
    -sound awareness, phonetic listening, auditory comprehension

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  1. -intensity and frequency ranges of impaired ears are not always sufficient to provide total perception of a speech signal
    -consonant perception is typically far more difficult for those with hearing loss
    -overall degree of difficulty in speech perception is related to the intensity and frequency features of the hearing loss (audiogram configuration)
  2. focus on the message
  3. our ability to communicate verbally depends on the quality of our speech perception (suprasegmental and segmental features)
  4. features of speech that are superimposed on phonemes and words
  5. related to its predictability; the greater the redundancy, the easier to guess what was said (even if didn't hear entire message)
    -conversational speech can generally be described as highly redundant
    -factors associated with redundancy: syntactic, semantic, and situational constraints

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  1. Overall spectrum of speechabout 25 dB HL


  2. Auditory Training programs for children - SKI-HI-home intervention treatment program for infants and families
    -developmentally based auditory-training program
    -utilized in conjunction with speech and language stimulation, 4 phases and 11 general skills


  3. Faint speechabout 25 dB HL


  4. Development of Auditory Skills-newborns possess a functional auditory system that is capable of perceiving auditory stimuli at 20 weeks gestation. Auditory processing skills continue to develop and refine following birth
    -rapid emergence of auditory skills is crucial for the development of speech processing skills and the emergence of speech/language


  5. Identificationawareness of sound


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