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  1. Rene Descartes
  2. Seven Years' War
  3. balance of power
  4. Cartesianism
  5. Bills of Exchange
  1. a • Basic form of checking, replaced precious metals, uniformly accepted
    • Had the disadvantage that the account may be empty by the time the bill was cashed
    • Used in the giro banking system
  2. b • French philosopher and mathematician (1596-1650), proved Galileo's views through math
    • "Discourse on Method" 1637 skepticism could lead to certainty, "I think therefore I am"
    • Known as the "Father of Modern Philosophy"
    • Invented the Cartesian coordinate system; Cartesianism
    • The dual existence of matter and mind
  3. c • Derived by Rene Descartes
    • Rested on the dual existence of matter and mind
    • Matter was subject to the mathematical laws
    • Mind was the spirit of the creator
  4. d • War over colonies all around the world
    • Between England and France
    • Took place in North American mainland, west Indian sugar plantations, and eastern India
    • Britain is overall victor, eventually became global imperial power
  5. e • Distribution of power among nations in an alliance
    • Was meant so that one nation could not dominate the others

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  1. • English, 1561-1626; believed in manipulating nature to discover new ideas
    • Not a scientist, but a propagandist
    • Pushed importance of research, developed scientific method in "Advancement of Learning" 1605
    • Inspired others to pursue new science
  2. • Italian, early form of checking with bills of transfer
    • Money is stored in an account
    • Got rid of need for bullion being carried
    • Easier and safer
  3. • Distribution of power among nations in an alliance
    • Was meant so that one nation could not dominate the others
  4. • Sold shares in a business to raise funds
    • Shareholders rule company, share profits
    • Was a way to found colonies in the New World
  5. • Caused by conflict over Spanish heir
    • William III of England reformed the Grand Alliance against France and Spain
    • England and Holland provided navy and money
    • Ended by Treaty of Utrecht

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  1. Tycho Brahe• 1546-1601
    • Studied Astronomy is Denmark
    • Discovered Nova, Comet
    o Challenged Crystalline Theory of universe
    • Sun-centered universe, with all planets orbiting earth


  2. alchemy• The use and study of metal through means of purification by fire to find 'essence'
    • Belief that matter could be understood and transformed


  3. Peace of Paris• France gave Britain Canada for return of west Indian islands
    • Stopped France's ascendancy
    • Made in 1763


  4. Sir Isaac Newton• English, 1643-1727
    • Mathematician, physician, and astronomer
    • United physics and astronomy
    • Developed calculus, created laws of motion, inertia, composition of light, built reflecting telescope, universal law of gravitation
    • Studied in the Royal Society in London


  5. Treaty of Utrecht• Ended mercantile wars between France and an alliance of Brandenburg, the Holy Roman Empire, Spain, and the Netherlands
    • Signed in 1678


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