Chapter 15th muscle practical written

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prime mover

term for the biceps brachii during elbow flexion


term that describes the relation of brachialis ti biceps brachii during the elbow flexion


term for the triceps brachii during elbow flexion


term for the iliopsoas during hip extension

prime mover

term for the gluteus maximus during hip extension when walking up stairs


term for the rotator cuff muscles and deltoid when the elbow is flexed and the hand grabs a tabletop to lift the table

deltoid, vastuslateralis, gluteus maximus & gluteus medius

commonly used for intramuscular injections


the group that contains a large sesamoid bone the patella which is an insertion tendon


The triceps surae insert in common into the ______ tendon


the bulk of the tissue of a muscle tends to lie _______ to the part of the body it causes to move

humerus, radius & ulna

The extrinsic muscles of the hand orgininate


most flexor muscles are located on the ______ aspect of the body


most extensors are located __________________


An exception to this generalization is the extensor-flexor musculature of the ______________.


specialized synergists. They immobilize the orgin of a prime mover so that all the tension is exerted at the insertion. (fix the posture, fixes things)


aids the action of agonists either by assisting with the same movement or by reducing undesirable or unnessary movement.

Prime movers or agonists

muscles that are primarily responsible for producing a particular movement


muscles that oppose or reverse a movement are called____________.

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