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  1. Sunlight
  2. wind
  3. ecosystems
  4. Weather
  5. front
  1. a place where two air masses of different types and moisture content meet
  2. b a group of plants and animals that depend on each others survival
  3. c created when warm air rises and cool air takes its place
  4. d a renewable energy source
  5. e the short term changes in the air for a given place and time

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  1. winds that blow in the same directon over a large area of the earth
  2. lack of water for plant growth
  3. a non renewable energy source
  4. the over cutting of trees
  5. species that dies out

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  1. climate zonestemperate, polar, dry, tropical, highland


  2. natural resourcesany material in nature that people use and value


  3. ocean currentsareas of tall grasses with scattered trees and shrubs


  4. savannasthe place where a plant or animal lives


  5. Rain shadow effectlarge bodies of water that have an impact on temperature making it milder


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