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  1. six basic emotions
  2. arousal theory
  3. psychosexual stages
  4. sublimation
  5. id
  1. a anger, fear, disgust, sadness, happiness, surprise
  2. b unconscious drives & instincts self-serving, irrational, & totally unconscious
    pleasure principle: wishes to have desires now; doesn't care what consequences are
  3. c expressing sexual or aggressive impulses through indirect, socially acceptable ones (man with strong sexual urges paints nude pictures)
  4. d organisms seek to maintain optimal level of arousal, not to eliminate it
  5. e personality formed during first few years of life' id's pleasure seeking energies focus on pleasure sensitive body areas called erogenous zones

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  1. material that can be easily brought into awareness
  2. people disguise their own threatening impulse by attributing them to others
  3. state of bodily tension that motivates an organism to satisfy the need
  4. conscious, preconscious, & unconscious (iceberg)
  5. physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness/love needs, esteem needs, self-actualization needs, self-transcendence needs

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  1. latent stagesexual impulses remain dormant


  2. displacementshifting sexual or aggressive impulses toward a more acceptable or less threatening object or person (anger towards boss redirected at wife)


  3. incentivewhere our needs push, incentives pull us in reducing or drives


  4. emotionsphysiological activation
    expressive behaviors
    conscious experience


  5. cannon bard theoryorganisms seek to maintain optimal level of arousal, not to eliminate it


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