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  1. phallic stage
  2. rationalization
  3. cannon bard theory
  4. two-factor theory
  5. set point
  1. a emotion triggering stimulus and the body's arousal take place simultaneously
  2. b suggests our physiology and cognitions create emotions; two ingredients: physical arousal & cognitive label
  3. c self-justifying explanations in place of real; more threatening unconscious reasons for ones actions
  4. d 3-6 years
    ez: phallic region
    oedipus/electra complex
  5. e stable weight

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  1. arise from basic biological needs
  2. largely conscious executive part of personality; mediates
    reality principle: delays action until practical/appropriate
  3. personality formed during first few years of life' id's pleasure seeking energies focus on pleasure sensitive body areas called erogenous zones
  4. conscious, preconscious, & unconscious (iceberg)
  5. sexual impulses remain dormant

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  1. genital stage18-36 months
    ez: anal cavity (potty training)
    retentive: perfectionist; expulsive (sloppy)


  2. motivational conceptsinstinct theory, drive-reduction theory, arousal theory, hierarchy of needs


  3. psychoanalysistheory or personality, attributing thoughts and actions to unconscious motives & conflicts & associated treatments


  4. instinctseverything you are aware of at a given moment including thoughts, perceptions, feelings, memories


  5. emotionsphysiological activation
    expressive behaviors
    conscious experience


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