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  1. need
  2. projection
  3. superego
  4. sublimation
  5. two-factor theory
  1. a state of deprivation/deficiency
  2. b moral guardian; conscience
    guilt shame
    moral principle: satisfying needs in ways that are morally correct
  3. c people disguise their own threatening impulse by attributing them to others
  4. d expressing sexual or aggressive impulses through indirect, socially acceptable ones (man with strong sexual urges paints nude pictures)
  5. e suggests our physiology and cognitions create emotions; two ingredients: physical arousal & cognitive label

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  1. learned or acquired through experience
  2. emotion triggering stimulus and the body's arousal take place simultaneously
  3. where our needs push, incentives pull us in reducing or drives
  4. belief that mimicking facial movements will induce an emotion
  5. arise from basic biological needs

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  1. instinctseverything you are aware of at a given moment including thoughts, perceptions, feelings, memories


  2. oral stagebirth to 12-18 months
    ez: mouth


  3. unconsciousholds repressed memories and emotions and the id's instinctive drives


  4. james-lange theoryorganisms seek to maintain optimal level of arousal, not to eliminate it


  5. genital stage18-36 months
    ez: anal cavity (potty training)
    retentive: perfectionist; expulsive (sloppy)


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