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  1. infused
  2. fawned
  3. tyrant
  4. avenged
  5. gorging
  1. a to put into or introduce as if by pouring; , filled with
  2. b an absolute ruler, often oppressive
  3. c revenge
  4. d filling up; stuffing
  5. e to seek favor or attention by flattery

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  1. a member of a conspiracy; a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act
  2. verbal punishment
  3. revered; elevated
  4. copying in an attempt to equal or surpass someone
  5. inactive; lazy

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  1. visageface; appearance (also: ghost or apparition)


  2. legacya support or foundation


  3. compelmake someone do something; to force


  4. spoilsrewards gained through military victory


  5. mettlestrength of character


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