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  1. fret
  2. exalted
  3. portentous
  4. envenomed
  5. fain
  1. a worry unnecessarily or excessively
  2. b significant; harbinger of future events
  3. c in a willing manner
  4. d revered; elevated
  5. e to make poisonous

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  1. to seek favor or attention by flattery
  2. rewards gained through military victory
  3. urgent; requiring immediate action
  4. brave, courageous
  5. something that causes or may cause injury, loss, or destruction; dangerous or risks

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  1. gallantbrave, courageous


  2. chiddenscolded, to express; disapproval of


  3. tyrantworry unnecessarily or excessively


  4. barrenunable to bare fruit


  5. emulationa flag, banner, or badge


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