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  1. base
  2. infused
  3. presume
  4. legacy
  5. valor
  1. a to put into or introduce as if by pouring; , filled with
  2. b (v) to take for granted, assume or suppose; to dare, take upon oneself, take liberties
  3. c (law) a gift of personal property by will
  4. d a support or foundation
  5. e courage

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  1. brave, courageous
  2. easily irritated or annoyed
  3. likeable; friendly
  4. the quality of threatening evil
  5. a box to store money or valuables

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  1. envenomedproduced


  2. fainin a willing manner


  3. perilseasily irritated or annoyed


  4. idleinactive; lazy


  5. beseecha support or foundation


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