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  1. avenged
  2. valor
  3. levying
  4. ensign
  5. beseech
  1. a a flag, banner, or badge
  2. b to beg;, ask for or request earnestly
  3. c imposing a tax or raising an army, impose or collect
  4. d courage
  5. e revenge

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  1. verbal punishment
  2. inactive; lazy
  3. in a willing manner
  4. misunderstood; misinterpreted
  5. unable to bare fruit

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  1. portentoussignificant; harbinger of future events


  2. compelmake someone do something; to force


  3. ingratitudea lack of gratitude


  4. shrewdgood at judging people or situations; suspicious


  5. infusedto bring to state of calm;, to satisfy;, soothed; pacified


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