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  1. femoral n.
  2. Gluteus Minimus
  3. foot inversion
  4. Adductor Magnus
  5. ABD Toes 2-4
  1. a 1 pectineus*
    2 sartorius
    3 iliacus
    4 vastus medialis
    5 vastus intermedius
    6 vastus lateralis
    7 rectus femoris
  2. b dorsal interossei
  3. c Obturator and Sciatic (L2-L4)

    hip adduction

    Assists: may assist hip ext and flex

    Note: role in hip rotation depends on position of the thigh
  4. d superior gluteal (L4-S1)

    hip ABD
    hip IR
  5. e Gastrocnemius
    Tibialis Posterior
    Tibialis Anterior

    Flexor Digitorum Longus
    Flexor Hallucis Longus
    Extensor Hallucis Longus

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  1. femoral (L2-L3)

    hip ER
    hip ABD
    hip flex
    knee flex
    knee IR
  2. nerve to obturator internus off the lumbosacral plexus L5-s1

    hip er

    Assists: hip ABD when hip is flexed
  3. Sciatic (tibial division) L5-S2

    knee flex
    knee IR
    hip ext

    Assists: hip IR
  4. femoral nerve (L2-L3), obturator (accessory branch L3)

    hip adduction

    Assists: hip flexion
  5. 1 Semitendinosus
    2 Semimembranosus
    3 Sartorius
    4 Gracilis
    5 Popliteus

5 True/False questions

  1. Obturator ExternusObturator (L3-L4)

    hip ER

    Assists: hip ADD


  2. PiriformisObturator (L2-L3)

    hip adduction
    knee flexion
    medial rotation of knee


  3. Psoas Minor1 Gluteus Medius (Anterior fibers)
    2 Gluteus Minimus
    3 Tensor Fascia Latae

    **Adductor Magnus (depending on position)


  4. toe 5 ABDAbductor Digiti Minimi


  5. Tensor Fascia Lataesuperior gluteal (L4-S1)

    hip flex
    hip IR
    hip ABD


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