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  1. population pyramid (p. 79)
  2. nation-state (p. 83)
  3. urbanization (p. 88)
  4. population density (p. 79)
  5. innovation (p. 72)
  1. a the dramatic rise in the number of cities and in lifestyle that result
  2. b taking existing technology and resources and creating something new to meet a need
  3. c the name of a territory when a nation and a state occupy the same territory
  4. d a graphic device that shows gender and age distribution of a population
  5. e the average number of people who live in a measurable area, reached by dividing the number of inhabitants in an area by the amount of land they occupy

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  1. the study of how people use space in cities
  2. the number of deaths per thousand
  3. a functional area including a city and its surrounding suburbs and exurbs, linked economically
  4. system in which the government holds nearly all political power and the means of production
  5. the total of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors shared by and passed on by members of a group

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  1. infrastructure (p. 94, 177, 212)the basic support systems needed to keep an economy going, including power, communications, transportation, water, sanitation, and education systems


  2. economic system (p. 91)the way people produce and exchange goods


  3. ethnic group (p. 71)the belief in a supernatural power or powers that are regarded as the creators and maintainers of the universe, as well as the system of beliefs itself


  4. dialect (p. 73)a political term describing an independent unit that occupies a specific territory and has full control of its internal and external affairs


  5. rate of natural increase (p. 79)the number of deaths per thousand


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