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vocabulary unit 7 Test

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  1. convey
  2. ravage
  3. menial
  4. excise
  1. a antonyms: (verb) spare
  2. b synonyms: (noun) underling, scullion, servant
  3. c synonym: carry, send, impart
  4. d an indirect tax on the manufacture, sale, or distribution of a commodity or service

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  1. synonym: (noun) trait
  2. a person who switches to an opposing side or party
  3. synonym: hesitate, falter
  4. synonym: strange, alien, picturesque, colorful
  5. synonym: (verb) cut out, delete, expunge

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  1. predatoryto ward off, fend off, deflect, evade, avoid


  2. belittlea person who does the humble and unpleasant tasks


  3. exoticantonym: native, indigenous, familiar, commonplace


  4. parrya defensive movement in fencing and other sports


  5. belittleantonyms (noun) boss, master


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