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  1. what is an action verb
  2. list the prepositions
  3. what jobs can a pronoun do
  4. what is a sense verb
  5. what is a correlative conjunction
  1. a a verb that is doing something; EX: runs, kicks, jumps
  2. b feels, tastes, seems, smells, sounds
  3. c about, above, across, after, along, around, at, before, behind, below, beside, by, down, during, except, for, from, in, inside, into, near, of, off, on, out, outside, over, past, through, to, under, until, up, with, without
  4. d conjunction used in pairs
  5. e direct object, indirect object, object of preposition, subject, subject complement

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  2. words that modify a noun or pronoun
  3. FANBOYS for and nor but or yet so
  4. words used before a non or pronoun to form a prepositional phrase
  5. words that express emotion; EX: wow!

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  1. what is a regular verbfeels, tastes, seems, smells, sounds


  2. what are the 3 types of verbsaction, linking, regular


  3. list the subordinate conjunctionsFANBOYS for and nor but or yet so


  4. what are the 3 dependent clausesaction, linking, regular


  5. what is a clausea group of words without a subject and verb


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