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  1. Starboard
  2. Below
  3. Bravo
  4. General quarters
  5. Chain Of Command 11
  1. a Pertaining to the right-hand side of a ship when you are on deck and facing the bow
  2. b B
  3. c Naval Service Training Command, Master Chief Petty Officer
  4. d Downstairs
  5. e Battle stations

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  1. Commander, Naval Education and Training Command (CNETC)
  2. H
  3. To dispose of by throwing over the side
  4. Place to wash dishes
  5. K

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  1. Chain Of Command 18Ship's Officer


  2. Chain Of Command 4Executive Officer, Recruit Training Command


  3. AllotmentAn amount of money a member has coming out of his regular pay


  4. Cast offTo throw off; to let go; to unfurl


  5. YankeeY


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