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  1. parasitism
  2. symbiosis
  3. primary infection
  4. septicemia
  5. parasitemia
  1. a the spread of protozoa and multicellular worms through the circulatory system
  2. b a close association between two organisms in which one (the parasite) feeds on the other (the host) and may cause injury to the host
  3. c an interrelationship between two populations of organisms where there is a close and permanent association
  4. d a disease that develops in an otherwise healthy individual
  5. e a growth and spreading of bacterial cells in the bloodstream

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  1. 1. an arthropod that transmits the agents of disease from an infected host to a susceptible host
    2. a plasmid used in genetic engineering to carry a DNA segment into a bacterium or other cell
  2. any change from the general state of good health
  3. the time that elapses between the entry of a pathogen into the host and the appearance of signs and symptoms
  4. the movement of an airborne particle of mucus and sputum from the respiratory tract
  5. a living organism, or an object, that transmits disease agents on its surface

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  1. endotoxin shocka bacterial metabolic poison composed of protein that is released to the environment; in the human body, it can affect various organs and systems


  2. transient microbiotathe population of microorganisms that colonize various parts of the human body and do not cause disease in a healthy individual


  3. pandemicthe dissemination of fungi through the circulatory system


  4. hemolysinsa bacterial toxin that destroys red blood cells


  5. acute periodthe presence of live bacteria cells in the blood


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