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  1. bacteremia
  2. endotoxins
  3. septicemia
  4. incubation period
  5. healthcare-associated infections (HAI)
  1. a the time that elapses between the entry of a pathogen into the host and the appearance of signs and symptoms
  2. b an infection resulting from treatment for another condition while in a hospital or healthcare facility
  3. c a growth and spreading of bacterial cells in the bloodstream
  4. d the presence of live bacteria cells in the blood
  5. e a metabolic poison, produced chiefly by gram-negative bacteria, that are part of the bacterial cell wall and consequently are released on cell disintegration; composed of lipid-polysaccharide-peptide complexes

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  1. a disease that develops slowly, tends to linger for a long time, and requires a long convalescence
  2. free from living microorganisms, spores and viruses
  3. the population of microorganisms that colonize various parts of the human body and do not cause disease in a healthy individual
  4. a disease restricted to a single area of the body
  5. a disease in which the symptoms are apparent

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  1. respiratory dropletsa process by which foreign material or cells are taken into a white blood cell and destroyed


  2. infectious dosethe relationship between two organisms and the competition for supremacy that takes place between them


  3. adhesinsa protein in bacterial pili that assists in attachment to the surface molecules of cells


  4. arbovirusesthe presence and spread of viruses through the blood


  5. streptokinasean enzyme that dissolves blood clots; produced by virulent streptococci


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