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  1. reservoirs
  2. sterile
  3. vertical transmission
  4. hyaluronidase
  5. parasitemia
  1. a the location or organism where disease-causing agents exist and maintain their ability for infection
  2. b free from living microorganisms, spores and viruses
  3. c the spread of protozoa and multicellular worms through the circulatory system
  4. d an enzyme that digests hyaluronic acid and thereby permits the penetration of pathogens through connective tissue
  5. e the spread of disease from mother to fetus or newborn

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  1. an indication of the presence of a disease, especially one observed by a doctor but not apparent to the patient
  2. a disease whose causative agent is acquired from the environment and is not transmitted to another individual
  3. the time that elapses between the entry of a pathogen into the host and the appearance of signs and symptoms
  4. a poisonous chemical substance produced by an organism
  5. the spread of disease through contaminated food or water

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  1. symptomsan indication of some disease or other disorder that is experienced by the patient


  2. fungemiathe presence of toxins in the blood


  3. carrierfree from living microorganisms, spores and viruses


  4. macrophagesa small particle transmitted through the air


  5. opportunista microorganism that invades the tissues when body defenses are suppressed


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