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  1. invasiveness
  2. immunocompromised
  3. arboviruses
  4. clinical disease
  5. actin
  1. a a disease in which the symptoms are apparent
  2. b referring to an inadequate immune response as a result of disease, exposure to radiation, or treatment with immunosuppressive drugs
  3. c the ability of a pathogen to spread from one point to adjacent areas in the host and cause structural damage to those tissues
  4. d a cytoskeletal protein essential for cell movement and the maintenance of cell shape in most eukaryotic cells
  5. e a virus transmitted by arthropods (i.e. insects)

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  1. the mode of disease transmission involving nonliving objects
  2. the spread of disease through contaminated food or water
  3. the destruction of red blood cells
  4. referring to a disease that is constantly present in a specific area or region
  5. a bacterial enzyme that destroys phagocytes, thereby preventing phagocytosis

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  1. virulencethe presence and spread of viruses through the blood


  2. commensalisma close and permanent association between two species of organisms in which one species benefits and the other remains unharmed and unaffected


  3. signsenvironmental areas that ensure an organism's survival


  4. nosocomial infectionsa disorder caused by an opportunistic microbe as a result of a primary infection weakening the host


  5. toxemiaa preparation of a microbial toxin that has been rendered harmless by chemical treatment but that is capable of stimulating antibodies; used as vaccines


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