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  1. horizontal transmission
  2. coagulase
  3. period of convalescence
  4. healthcare-associated infections (HAI)
  5. signs
  1. a an infection resulting from treatment for another condition while in a hospital or healthcare facility
  2. b the phase of a disease during which the body's systems return to normal
  3. c an enzyme produced by some staphylococci that catalyzes the formation of a fibrin clot
  4. d the spread of disease from one person to another
  5. e an indication of the presence of a disease, especially one observed by a doctor but not apparent to the patient

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  1. the relationship between two organisms and the competition for supremacy that takes place between them
  2. large white blood cells that remove waste products, microorganisms, and foreign material from the bloodstream
  3. the form of disease transmission involving close association between hosts
  4. a collection of signs and symptoms that together are characteristic of a disease
  5. the presence of toxins in the blood

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  1. primary infectiona disease that develops in an otherwise healthy individual


  2. immunocompromisedan indication of some disease or other disorder that is experienced by the patient


  3. nosocomial infectionsa disease that develops in an otherwise healthy individual


  4. infectious disease epidemiologythe number of microorganisms needed to bring about infection


  5. pathogenicitya worldwide epidemic


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