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  1. septicemia
  2. exogenous infection
  3. mechanical vectors
  4. indirect contact
  5. arboviruses
  1. a the mode of disease transmission involving nonliving objects
  2. b a growth and spreading of bacterial cells in the bloodstream
  3. c a disorder that starts with a microbe or virus that entered the body from the environment
  4. d a virus transmitted by arthropods (i.e. insects)
  5. e a living organism, or an object, that transmits disease agents on its surface

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  1. a disease that is readily transmissible between hosts
  2. a bacterial toxin that destroys red blood cells
  3. a microorganism that invades the tissues when body defenses are suppressed
  4. the presence and spread of viruses through the blood
  5. a process by which foreign material or cells are taken into a white blood cell and destroyed

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  1. period of declinethe site at which a pathogen leaves the host


  2. incubation periodthe time that elapses between the entry of a pathogen into the host and the appearance of signs and symptoms


  3. toxigenicitythe ability of a disease-causing agent to gain entry to a host and bring about a physiological or anatomical change interpreted as disease


  4. signsan inanimate object, such as clothing or a utensil, that carries disease organisms


  5. horizontal transmissionthe spread of disease from one person to another


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