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  1. actin
  2. acute disease
  3. infectious disease epidemiology
  4. endotoxin shock
  5. acute period
  1. a a disease that develops rapidly, exhibits substantial symptoms, and lasts only a short time
  2. b a cytoskeletal protein essential for cell movement and the maintenance of cell shape in most eukaryotic cells
  3. c concerned with how infectious diseases are distributed in a population and the factors influencing or determining that distribution
  4. d a drop in blood pressure due to an endotoxin
  5. e the phase of a disease during which specific symptoms and the disease is at its height

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  1. the microbial agents that are associated with an animal for long periods of time without causing disease
  2. a complex community of microorganisms that form a protective and adhesive matrix that attaches to a surface, such as a catheter or industrial pipeline
  3. referring to an organism that is not likely to cause disease
  4. a protein in bacterial pili that assists in attachment to the surface molecules of cells
  5. a disorder that starts with a microbe or virus that already was in or on the body as part of the microbiota

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  1. particle transmissionthe movement of particles suspended in the air


  2. nosocomial infectionsa disorder caused by an opportunistic microbe as a result of a primary infection weakening the host


  3. clinical diseasea disease in which thee are few or inapparent symptoms


  4. hyaluronidasean enzyme that digests hyaluronic acid and thereby permits the penetration of pathogens through connective tissue


  5. toxoidthe presence of toxins in the blood


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