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  1. disruptive effect of prior learning on trying to remember new info
  2. activated memory that hold a few items briefly
  3. organizing items into familiar, manageable units; occurs automatically often
  4. conscious repetition of info
  5. memory aids, use vivid imagery and organizational devices
  6. sensory or auditory memory; lasting 3 or 4 seconds

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  1. Imagerylearning that has persisted over time, info that has been stored and can be retrieved


  2. iconic memorysensory or visual memory; photographic or picture-image memory lasting under a second


  3. amnesialoss of memory


  4. Serial Position Effecttendency for distributed study or practice to yield better long-term retention


  5. Retrievalconscious repetition of info


  6. Sensory Memoryimmediate, brief recording of sensory info in the memory system


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