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  1. Assumption
  2. Recipient
  3. Affection
  4. Rapidity
  5. Status
  1. a A belief accepted as true
  2. b A person who gets something
  3. c Speed, quickness
  4. d A condition or situation
  5. e A feeling of love or liking; Tender feeling

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  2. Standing still, not moving
  3. No longer working; no longer active
  4. Condition surrounding something, a situation
  5. An ability; potential

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  1. take, use up, buySTAT, STAN


  2. FacsimileRAPT, RAP


  3. DepositTo put down, to drop


  4. to put, placeACT, AG


  5. PropositionAn idea put forth, a suggestion


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