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  1. Rapidity
  2. Impermanent
  3. to do, drive
  4. to make, do
  5. Deposit
  1. a ACT, AG
  2. b FAC, FIC, FECT
  3. c Speed, quickness
  4. d To put down, to drop
  5. e Not lasting forever

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  1. A state of intense joy
  2. Not having enough; lacking
  3. No longer working; no longer active
  5. A copy; an imitation

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  1. to work, to performOPER


  2. CoagulateTo work with; to be helpful to


  3. ConstantSomething that stays the same


  4. to workOPER


  5. to seize, to grasp, to takeCAP, CAPT, CIP


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