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  1. Tissue nematodes (filarials)
    How infection occurs ...
  2. Outgrowth of hypha that are regarded as a specialized absorbing organs that penetrate into the host cells to obtain nutrients( found only on parasitic fungi).
  3. **Reproduction: Those fungi that have a sexual stage (produce sexual and asexual spore) are called _____,
    whereas those without a sexual stage (produce asexual spore only) are called _____.
  4. Microscopic filaments that branch in all directions.
  5. Male gametangium.
  1. a Haustoria ( pl.)---haustorium (sing.)
  2. b Thallus
  3. c Fungi Perfecti or Perfect fungi
    Fungi Imperfect or Imperfect Fungi
  4. d Antheridium
  5. e Filariform larvae enter through bite

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  1. Spores
  2. Adults found in lymphatics
  3. River blindness
  4. Zygospores

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  1. Involved the union of two compatible nuclei and consist of three distinct phases.Parasites


  2. Scientific name: Wukereriae bancrofti
    Common name ...
    Bancrofts filarial


  3. Parasites that obtain nutrients only from other living organisms.Parasites


  4. Refer to the sex organs or gametes which are morphologically INDistinguishable. (similar)Heterogametangia or heterogametes


  5. The sex organs are called ...Antheridium


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