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  1. Spores that are produced on the tips or sides of hypha termed condia.
  2. Production of an outgrowth from a parent cell (usually in yeasts).
  3. Scientific name: Brugia malayi
    Location in host ...
  4. Scientific name: Loa Loa
    Common name ...
  5. Those fungi that obtain nutrient from living organisms OR non-living matter.
  1. a Budding
  2. b Eyeworm
  3. c Facultative parasite
  4. d Adults found in lymphatics
  5. e Condiospor

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  1. Saprophytes
  2. Adults found in subcutaneous tissue
  3. Fungi Perfecti or Perfect fungi
    Fungi Imperfect or Imperfect Fungi
  4. Gametangial copulation
  5. Hermaphorditic

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  1. Reduction in chromosomal numbers occur after karyogamy.Meiosis


  2. Refer to male and female sex organs and gametes respectively that are morphologically Distinguishable. (differ)Heterogametangia or heterogametes


  3. Outgrowth of hypha that are regarded as a specialized absorbing organs that penetrate into the host cells to obtain nutrients( found only on parasitic fungi).Haustoria ( pl.)---haustorium (sing.)


  4. Scientific name: Onchocerca volvulus
    Common name ...
    Similian (Blackfly)


  5. Two gametangia of opposite sex come in contact with one or more gamete nuclei migrate from the male to the female. At no time do the gametangia fuse.Gametangial copulation


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