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  1. Female gametangium.
  2. Male gametangium.
  3. A single filament filled with (filled with) protoplasm, which may be continuos (_____) or interrupted at irregular intervals by portion of cross walls called _____ (_____).
  4. Mass of hyphae that constitute the thalus but in more recent usage it is synonymous with hypha.
  5. Spores resulting from sexual reproduction.
  1. a Zygospores
  2. b Mycelium(sing.)
  3. c Oogonium
  4. d Antheridium
  5. e Hypha(pl.)--- hyphae(sing)
    septa (Septate)

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  2. a. fragmentation
    b. Fission
    c. Budding
    d. Spores
  3. Eyeworm
  4. Elephantiasis
  5. Saprophytes

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  1. Scientific name: Brugia malayi
    Vector ...
    Malayan filaria


  2. Microscopic filaments that branch in all directions.Localized subsutanneous edema


  3. Spores that are produced on the tips or sides of hypha termed condia.Condiospor


  4. Tissue nematodes (filarials)
    How infection occurs ...
    Ingestion of infected CYCLOPS (Cocopod),
    commonly found in still water such as pond or well


  5. Those fungi that obtain nutrient from (only) other living cells.Saprophytes


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