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  1. Production of an outgrowth from a parent cell (usually in yeasts).
  2. Largest tissue roundworm.
  3. Refers to the existence of unfused nuclei in the higher fungi.
  4. **Reproduction: Those fungi that have a sexual stage (produce sexual and asexual spore) are called _____,
    whereas those without a sexual stage (produce asexual spore only) are called _____.
  5. Involved the union of two compatible nuclei and consist of three distinct phases.
  1. a Fungi Perfecti or Perfect fungi
    Fungi Imperfect or Imperfect Fungi
  2. b Dracunculus medinesis
  3. c Dikaryon
  4. d Sexual reproduction
  5. e Budding

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  1. Ingestion of infected CYCLOPS (Cocopod),
    commonly found in still water such as pond or well
  2. 1. Superficial
    2. Cutaneous
    3. Subcutaneous
    4. Systemic
  3. Oogonium
  4. Obligate
  5. Thallus

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  1. Tissue nematodes (filarials)
    How infection occurs ...
    Filariform larvae enter through bite


  2. Refer to male and female sex organs and gametes respectively that are morphologically Distinguishable. (differ)Isogametangia or isogametes


  3. Scientific name: Onchocerca volvulus
    Common name ...
    Similian (Blackfly)


  4. Scientific name: Loa Loa
    Major disease ...


  5. Species that produce that produce distinguishable male and female sex organs on each thallus.Hermaphorditic


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