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  1. Production of an outgrowth from a parent cell (usually in yeasts).
  2. Considering the level of infection and the degree of pathogenecity fungal infections are classified into the four groups:
  3. By definition, Filaria are the _____ and Microfilaria are the _____.
  4. Most common method of asexual reproduction in fungi - vary in color, shape and, how they are borne.
  5. Scientific name: Wukereriae bancrofti
    Common name ...
  1. a Spores
  2. b Bancrofts filarial
  3. c Budding
  4. d 1. Superficial
    2. Cutaneous
    3. Subcutaneous
    4. Systemic
  5. e adult worms
    larval stages

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  1. Fungi grow between 0-37 degrees C.
    Some fungi mature within 3-4 days and some mature within 3-4 weeks.
    Best pH for fungal growth is about 6.
  2. Hermaphorditic
  3. Monsonia and Anopheles mosquitos
  4. Elephantiasis
  5. Obligate

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  1. Female gametangium.I. Sporangiospores
    II. Condiospor


  2. Scientific name: Onchocerca volvulus
    Vector ...
    Similian (Blackfly)


  3. Fungi are divided into three groups based on their nutrient:Mycosis


  4. Fusion of two naked gametes, one or both of which may be motile (plano).Planogametic Copulation


  5. Spores borne on sporangium (sing.) (which are vessels), a sac-like structure whose entire contents are converted into one or more spores which may be motile (aplanospores) by one or two flagella.Zygospores


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