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  1. Scientific name: Dracunculus medinesis
    Location in host ...
  2. Those fungi that obtain nutrient from (only) other living cells.
  3. Scientific name: Wukereriae bancrofti
    Vector ...
  4. Fusion of two naked gametes, one or both of which may be motile (plano).
  5. Species that produce male or female organs on separate thalli- thus a single thallus cannot sexually reproduce itself since it either male or female.
  1. a Dioecious
  2. b Planogametic Copulation
  3. c Adults found in subcutaneous tissue
  4. d Female Culex and Anopheles mosquitos
  5. e Parasites

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  1. Ingestion of infected CYCLOPS (Cocopod),
    commonly found in still water such as pond or well
  2. Antheridium
  3. Adults found in lymphatics
  4. Plasmogamy
  5. Spores

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  1. Fragmentation- the hyphae may break up into cell components forming either:
    I. _____ (only in septated molds)
    II. ____ (cells enclosed within an envelope)


  2. Fungi are divided into three groups based on their nutrient:1. Parasites
    2. Saprophytes
    3. Facultative parasite


  3. **Reproduction: Those fungi that have a sexual stage (produce sexual and asexual spore) are called _____,
    whereas those without a sexual stage (produce asexual spore only) are called _____.
    Fungi Perfecti or Perfect fungi
    Fungi Imperfect or Imperfect Fungi


  4. You can fool these female worms by pouring water over the blister site. When the worm comes out you can wind it around a stick and very slowly pull the worm out.Condiospor


  5. Involved the union of two compatible nuclei and consist of three distinct phases.Sexual reproduction


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