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  1. the dutch
  2. britain
  3. a sepoy
  4. it was isolated from the rest of the world
  5. ferdinand magellan
  1. a this country dominated trade in India in the late 1700s
  2. b which of the following was true of Japan under the Tokugawa shotguns?
  3. c who took over control of the spice trade from Portuguese?
  4. d navigator who wanted to find a sea route through the Americas to the Indies
  5. e "the british east india company pays my wages"

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  1. navigator who wanted to reach asia by sailing west from europe
  2. this country led overseas exploration
  3. this civilization strictly controlled european trading rights
  4. how did Prince Henry change the course of Portugal's history?
  5. a mapmaker

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  1. they restricted foreign tradeportuguese ruler who encouraged ocean expoloration


  2. Qianlongthis civilization greatly influenced southeast asia


  3. discouraged contact with outsiderskorea was similar to China in that it...


  4. astrolabethis country dominated trade in India in the late 1700s


  5. circumnavigateto sail around the world


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