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  1. discouraged contact with outsiders
  2. the dutch
  3. Vasco da Gama
  4. china
  1. a Which of the following controlled Vietnam?
  2. b korea was similar to China in that it...
  3. c "this trip around the tip of Africa to the rich lands of India has made me a wealthy man"
  4. d who took over control of the spice trade from Portuguese?

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  1. portuguese ruler who encouraged ocean expoloration
  2. "Your country's barbarian merchants have benefited from the blessings of our civilization"
  3. how did Prince Henry change the course of Portugal's history?
  4. this country dominated trade in India in the late 1700s
  5. magellan reached these islands

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  1. they wanted to find new trade routeswhich of the following best explained why European rulers encouraged ocean exploration?


  2. dutchin the 1600's the portuguese lost control of trade in the indian ocean to the...


  3. christopher columbus"i am sure as the sun sets that i can reach the Indies by sailing west"


  4. astrolabea device used to measure the angle of the sun and the stars above the horizon


  5. cartographera mapmaker


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