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  1. NAFTA
  2. sexenio
  3. Import-substituting industrialization
  4. GATT
  5. export-centered developement strategy
  1. a the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, a multilateral agreement that sought to promote freer trade among countries; predecessor to the WTO
  2. b the North American Free Trade Agreement, an agreement in which Mexico, the US and Canada committed themselves to the elimination of the trade barriers among them
  3. c a strategy for industrialization in which a country manufactures domestically goods that it previously imported, in order to satisfy domestic market demands
  4. d the six-year term that a Mexican president serves in office
  5. e a strategy for developement in which a country exports goods and services in which it has a comparative advantage; part of a neo-liberal developement model

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  1. a political system in which the state requires all members of a particular economic sector to join an officially designated interest group
  2. a recipient of an ejido land grant
  3. a political system in which interest groups become an institutionalized part of the state or dominant political party
  4. a strategy for economic developement in which a country exports agricultural products, minerals and petroleum, and imports manufactured goods
  5. an economic developement strategy in which the state guides the process of private industrial and agricultural developement, encourages the formation of investment capital and the establishment of businesses, and protects domestic businesses from foreign competition

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  1. patron-client relationsan informal aspect of policymaking in which a powerful patron offers resources such as land, contacts, protection or jobs in return for the support and services of lower-status and less powerful clients; corruption, preferential treatment and inequality are charcteristic of clientelist politics


  2. maquiladoraa mexican factory (usually near the US border) that produces goods for export


  3. interest groupsthe portion of an economy largely outside goverment control in which emoloyees work without contracts or benefits


  4. tecnicothe six-year term that a Mexican president serves in office


  5. neo-liberal model of developementa strategy for economic developement in which a country promotes open competition among business firms in its national market, and gives relatively free rein to market forces


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