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  1. Each separate input or output device atached to a computer system.
  2. The part of your computer which reads programs and data from your disk.
  3. The heart of your computer.
  4. A handheld pointing device for computers, involving one or more buttons and shaped to sit under the hand.
  5. The brain of the computer.
  6. An on-screen display listing your choices within a program.

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  1. MonitorA device producing an on-screen display. It holds the screen.


  2. NetworkPrograms that run on your computer.


  3. ModemA communication device that converts one form of a signal to another.


  4. PrinterIt can copy words, pictures and graphics onto your computer.


  5. ScannerAn output device that prints out a hardcopy of your work.


  6. ROMA computer's temporary workplace. All the information that is stored here is lost every time you turn off the computer.


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