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  1. fat
  2. CH2O
  3. organic compounds
  4. hydrocarbons
  5. cellulose
  1. a most abundant organic compound, important component cell wall of green plants
  2. b formula of most monosaccharides
  3. c OH+COOH
  4. d contain carbon and hydrogen C+H+H2O
  5. e contain carbon, found in living systems

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  1. no double bonds, solid fats, ex. butter
  2. part of exoskeleton of insects and cell wall of fungi
  3. unsaturated
  4. small, single units
  5. saturated

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  1. waxOH+COOH


  2. isomerssmall, single units


  3. anabolic steroidsC-chain bent to fused rings, sex hormones, monomers for natural steroids


  4. 4 main classes of important molecules in all living organismscarbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids


  5. LDLlow density lipoprotein


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