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  1. organic compounds
  2. functions of monosaccharides
  3. phosphate group
  4. isomers
  5. fat
  1. a a compound that has the same molecular formula as another compound
  2. b OP(=O,OH)OH
  3. c contain carbon, found in living systems
  4. d OH+COOH
  5. e main source of E, supplies monomars by making essential polymers

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  1. contain carbon and hydrogen C+H+H2O
  2. 1 glycerol + 1 fatty acid, highly hydrophobic
  3. cell membranes, structurally similar to fats
  4. synthetic, THG, prednisone, cortisone, HGH
  5. "good fat", liquid fats, ex. olive oil

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  1. monomerssmall, single units


  2. plant fatsunsaturated


  3. ring structuremost sugars assume ring structure in an aqueous solution


  4. breaking down polymers/hydrolysisaddition of H2O


  5. two sugar trademarkshydroxyl and carbonyl


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