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  1. methyl group
  2. high fructose corn syrup
  3. carboxyl group
  4. cellulose
  5. disaccharides
  1. a glucose chemically enhanced/processedd to contain mostly fructose
  2. b most abundant organic compound, important component cell wall of green plants
  3. c two joined monosaccharides by dehydration
  4. d C(=O)OH
  5. e CH3

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  1. main source of E, supplies monomars by making essential polymers
  2. loss of water
  3. formula of most monosaccharides
  4. OH+COOH
  5. a compound that has the same molecular formula as another compound

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  1. glycogensugar


  2. anabolic steroidsC-chain bent to fused rings, sex hormones, monomers for natural steroids


  3. saturated fatno double bonds, solid fats, ex. butter


  4. LDLlow density lipoprotein


  5. -osesenzyme


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