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  1. bucear sin tanque/sobre la superficie
  2. bucear
  3. saltar la cuerda
  4. hula hoop/ el aro
  5. jugar "corre que te pillo"
  1. a snorkeling
  2. b to play tag
  3. c to jump rope
  4. d hula hoop
  5. e to scuba dive

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  1. to scratch
  2. to get in trouble
  3. clarinet
  4. to sail, to go sailing
  5. to spin around

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  1. jugar juegos de fantasiato play with play-dough


  2. guitarraguitar


  3. correr una ola/ hacer el surfto go surfing


  4. explorarto hit


  5. juego de tableroto throw a fit


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