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  1. jugar juegos de fantasia
  2. navegar en vela
  3. asistir a una reunión familiar
  4. hacer gimnasia
  5. jugar "corre que te pillo"
  1. a to play tag
  2. b to attend a family reunion
  3. c to sail, to go sailing
  4. d to play make-believe
  5. e to do gymnastics

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  1. to play with play-dough
  2. to collect
  3. to hit
  4. to skateboard
  5. hula hoop

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  1. jugar con cubitos/bloquesto play with stuffed animals


  2. hacer galletasto do gymnastics


  3. darse vueltato throw a fit


  4. hacer rompecabezasto do puzzles


  5. saltar la cuerdato jump rope


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