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  1. trompeta
  2. escalar montañas
  3. hacer snowboard (really? You think it'd be more exotic sounding)
  4. meterse en problemas
  5. andar en monopatín
  1. a to skateboard
  2. b to rock climb
  3. c to snowboard
  4. d trumpet
  5. e to get in trouble

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  1. to hit
  2. to have a slumber party
  3. to ride a scooter
  4. doll
  5. to argue, to fight

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  1. construir fuertes/fortalezasto build forts


  2. mirar dibujos animadosto watch cartoons


  3. jugar juegos de fantasiato play with play-dough


  4. hacer rompecabezasto do puzzles


  5. explorarto fish


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