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  1. Yield Rate
  2. Health Savings Account
  3. Structured Interviews
  4. Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection Procedures
  5. Jeff Saturday
  1. a __________ covers all aspects of the selection process and assist employers in complying with Title V!!, executive orders and other equal employment requirements of federal law.
  2. b _________ hlep quantify recruitment efforts at different points in the process
  3. c __________ is the type of interview that asks the candidates the same questions
  4. d __________ is a fund created by the employer, employee or jointly that is used to pay for the first X dollars of health care expenses
  5. e _______ was the NFLPA representative for the players

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  1. A retirement plan for a nonprofit institution that allows workers to make pretax contributions to a tax-sheltered annuity is ___________.
  2. _________ gives current employees the chance to respond to announcements of positions.
  3. _________ each employee of a job has the same rate of pay regardless of perfomance or seniority
  4. This company sends trucks all over the world to take pictures for maps. The owners interview all employees at least 4 times to get the job. __________?
  5. _________ is the acronym for the health care reform passed in March 2009

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  1. Advantages of Recruiting Internally__________ is the type of interview that asks the candidates the same questions


  2. Processing Phone Call__________ is a telephone call to clarify a few points on the application form. This can be a time-effective way to prescreen candidates


  3. $4.4 BillionOwners had an economic advantage during the lockout reducing their operating expenses at an estimate of __________


  4. Performance/Merit-Based PayA defined contribution program to which employers make a fixed contribution based on the employee's compensation is ________


  5. 1914 Clayton Act_______ was passed giving employees the right to organize and bargain collectively

    aka "National Labor Relations Board" or NLRB


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