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  1. Structured Interviews
  2. Weighted Application Form
  3. Processing Phone Call
  4. Advantages of Recruiting Internally
  5. 403B
  1. a 1. Rewards good work of current employees
    2. Cost effective
    3. Imporove Morale
    4. Can asses known past performance
    5. Can result in succession and promotions
  2. b __________ is the type of interview that asks the candidates the same questions
  3. c __________ is a telephone call to clarify a few points on the application form. This can be a time-effective way to prescreen candidates
  4. d A retirement plan for a nonprofit institution that allows workers to make pretax contributions to a tax-sheltered annuity is ___________.
  5. e Developed with job analysis data. After determining the KSA's needed to perform a job, numeric values are assigned to the responses on the form. This is a _______?

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  1. 1. Skill
    2. Effort
    3. Responsibility
    4. Working Conditions
  2. _________ gives current employees the chance to respond to announcements of positions.
  3. An interview question that disqualified woman at a significantly higher rate than other applicants is an example of ________.
  4. _______ summarizes the most important features of a job.
  5. _________ each employee of a job has the same rate of pay regardless of perfomance or seniority

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  1. Performance/Merit-Based PayA defined contribution program to which employers make a fixed contribution based on the employee's compensation is ________


  2. 1914 Clayton Act__________ was designed to withdraw the power of federal courts against labor activites through antitrust laws, but it proved to be less than full effective


  3. Jeff Saturday________ is wanting what other companies offer or perceiving your benefits are competitive.


  4. Equity________ is wanting what other companies offer or perceiving your benefits are competitive.


  5. Union______ is a formal association of employees that promotes the interests of its membership through collective action


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