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  1. Union
  2. 1914 Clayton Act
  3. Structured Interviews
  4. Performance/Merit-Based Pay
  5. Single-Rate Pay or "Flat-Rate Pay"
  1. a ______ is a formal association of employees that promotes the interests of its membership through collective action
  2. b __________ is the type of interview that asks the candidates the same questions
  3. c an organization that bases salary on the level of individual skills would be most apt to implement _______
  4. d _________ each employee of a job has the same rate of pay regardless of perfomance or seniority
  5. e __________ was designed to withdraw the power of federal courts against labor activites through antitrust laws, but it proved to be less than full effective

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  1. _________ gives current employees the chance to respond to announcements of positions.
  2. 1. Rewards good work of current employees
    2. Cost effective
    3. Imporove Morale
    4. Can asses known past performance
    5. Can result in succession and promotions
  3. _________ hlep quantify recruitment efforts at different points in the process
  4. This company sends trucks all over the world to take pictures for maps. The owners interview all employees at least 4 times to get the job. __________?
  5. An interview question that disqualified woman at a significantly higher rate than other applicants is an example of ________.

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  1. Compensable factors when evaluating employees for pay raises1. Skill
    2. Effort
    3. Responsibility
    4. Working Conditions


  2. Processing Phone Call__________ is a telephone call to clarify a few points on the application form. This can be a time-effective way to prescreen candidates


  3. Money Purchase PlanA defined contribution program to which employers make a fixed contribution based on the employee's compensation is ________


  4. Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection ProceduresDeveloped with job analysis data. After determining the KSA's needed to perform a job, numeric values are assigned to the responses on the form. This is a _______?


  5. Health Savings Account__________ is a fund created by the employer, employee or jointly that is used to pay for the first X dollars of health care expenses


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